3rd Annual 24/SEVEN Theater Project Returns to 2nd Street Theater

Seven talented writers and directors have been selected for this year’s 24/7 Theater Project

Performance is on June 2 at 7:30pm. Tickets on sale now.

24/SEVEN is produced by Cricket Daniel and 2nd Street Theater.

The writers are: Laura Lee Callan, Lyryn Cate/Amber Hanson, Dave Finch, Todd Hanson, Pat Kruis, Jason Medina and Suzan Noyes.

The directors are: Don Delach, Melinda Jahn, Nancy Scher, Scott Schultz, Sandy Silver, Karen Sipes and Ray Solley.

Twenty-nine seasoned and talented local actors make up this year’s cast. Our biggest cast to date!

The 3rd Annual 24/SEVEN Theater Project is a creative process on steroids with a performance of the finished product 24 hours later.

The process includes enlisting seven talented playwrights to create seven brand new short plays within the allotted time the night before they are cast, produced and staged. Playwrights are given specific prompts to incorporate into their original works. Early the next morning, seven visionary directors read the scripts and cast each play using 20-30 brave actors. The actors show up a few hours later and rehearse all day, culminating in a single performance of all seven short plays that night.

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