6 Reasons To Retire To Oregon

If you are thinking of retirement, then you may also be thinking of moving home, perhaps even to a whole new state so that you can truly enjoy everything that retirement has to offer. Oregon may well be the state for you; it is becoming a popular retirement destination, and there is plenty to see and do here, including a plethora of arts and entertainment. Here are a few more reasons why retiring to Oregon is a great idea.

No Sales Tax

Although this may not be the sole reason for moving to an entirely new state, the fact that Oregon has no sales tax and the prices you see are the prices you pay at the counter is a nice bonus benefit. It makes budgeting a lot easier, for example, and usually makes items less expensive over time as well. Plus, don’t forget that social security income payments are exempt from Oregon’s state income tax too. That means your retirement income can go even further than it might elsewhere, especially if you have invested wisely in the past. If that idea appeals, it’s important to do your research, start by checking out Personal Capital review sites to determine what will work for you.

Get Fit

A car is always going to be a useful vehicle to have, but in Oregon, you can leave it on your driveway or in your garage for much of the time and get fit by walking or riding your bike. In fact, Portland is often called the most bike-friendly city in the USA, and since you’ll have more time when you’re retired, you can enjoy a more leisurely pace of life on two wheels rather than four.

The Coastline

Something else you can do with your free time is to enjoy the stunning 363 miles of coastline that Oregon has to offer. Whether you love sandy beaches, majestic views, or towering cliffs, there will be something to satisfy you. It’s the perfect place to take the grandchildren when they come to visit too, keeping everyone happy.

Green Credentials

If you want to live somewhere that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, Oregon is the place. It has one of the lowest carbon footprints of all the US states, and it has the most LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings than anywhere else, per capita. Plus when it comes to recycling, Oregon comes out top in most polls.


Something else that many people are looking for when retiring is a safe place to live. Once again, Oregon is a good choice. With a crime rate that is over 25 percent lower than the national average (with just seven percent of all crime being ‘violent’), it makes enjoying the state you have chosen to retire to a much easier thing to do – all you need to focus on is the fun aspect of life and not worry about your safety quite so much.

The Culinary Scene

If you love to try new foods and eat out, then Oregon will work perfectly for you. There are a huge number of farmer’s markets and exciting restaurants to try, as well as over 200 vineyards in the state and a thriving craft beer scene.

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