Another Fabulous Tango Opportunity Comes to Bend

Elizabeth Wartluft, one of the premier tango instructors in Portland, will be teaching Argentine Social Tango classes in Bend January 27-28.

Elizabeth brings us her twenty years of experience, and her down-to-earth teaching style for private lessons, group classes and social dancing with the Central Oregon Tango Aficionados. We always welcome beginners and newcomers with or without a dance partner. This is a wonderful dance for all ages.

With Argentine Social Tango you can be transported to Buenos Aires, Paris or any of the great cities where the passion for tango burns bright, without leaving Bend. Once you begin to learn the dance, you’ll find a welcome in tango communities around the region and around the world. Tango is communication with musicality, feeling and movement you can share with others, regardless of what language you speak.

Check out Elizabeth Wartluft’s website at to see her videos. Go to, subscribe to the cotango-a group for class registration and to stay informed about tango events and classes in our community.

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