Art at the Redmond Library

(Growth by Carly Garzon Vargas)

January through March the Redmond Library is exhibiting photography by Cory O’Neill and David Millenheft. Carly Garzon Vargas will be displaying her paper cut art in the Silent Reading Room and the display case will feature fused glass art by Laurel Werhane.

Cory O’Neill’s work as a guide for an adventure youth camp in the High Sierra gave him a profound appreciation for wilderness, and the life changing moments that are created by simply spending time in a world mostly unchanged by the human hand. This love of wilderness has remained a central part of who he is as a person for almost three decades. In that time, he has found that photography provides a means to share some of what he experiences with others. Each of his images is unique in its own beauty, capturing the essence of the place it was taken at the very finest moment.

David Millenheft is a photographer/graphic designer, specializing in landscapes, wildlife and other things that catch his eyes. He loves being outdoors as natures beauty is all around us. He believes that great creativity often is the result of scouting a location and learning about animal behaviors to be in the right location. His famous gorilla portrait captured the famous look that parents sometimes give their children and graced the cover of Sun Magazine. He is currently based in Redmond, Oregon “A moment captured can last forever”-David Millenheft

Carly Garzon Vargas’ work in paper cut uses negative space to create images which represents our diverse human experience. Every element in the image is connected by paper, supported by solid and hand dyed papers placed behind the image. The everyday material of paper connects the images to each other and represents our everyday experience and shared humanity.


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