Art Evokes Emotion at Artists’ Gallery Sunriver

The ability of art to evoke emotion is a powerful one. The Sunriver Artists’ Gallery invites you to feel some powerful emotions when viewing the work of this month’s featured artists: Karla Proud, Gary Chandler, Maggie Down, Shirley Checkos and Ken Medenbach. Meet these talented artists at the Gallery’s monthly Second Saturday celebration  (4-7pm Saturday, September 12) while enjoying refreshing and complimentary libations and food.  


Karla Proud – Jewelry Designer

Nothing delivers an emotional thrill like the purchase of a jewelry piece designed by artist, Karla Proud. Proud’s one of a kind pieces have made her a long time favorite of Gallery regulars. Many Sunriver visitors have an annual tradition of purchasing the perfect piece of Oregon sunstone jewelry to add to their collection. New gallery visitors are often amazed that they are not familiar with the beautiful Oregon State gemstone.


Oregon sunstones are rare, beautiful and only found here…a short three hour drive southeast of Bend. The gems, which range from clear champagne to deep reds and rarely greens, are totally unique in the world. Natural rare copper inclusions lend the gem a myriad of colors and interior textures. The sunstone gems are either faceted, carved, cut into a cabochon of smooth shapes or even made into various shapes of beads. What really sets off the gemstones’ beauty, is Proud’s special design talent. Settings range from simple elegance to delicate romantic pieces.  Fortunately pricing also has a wide and reasonable range. One pendant features a rare 20 carat size green sunstone set with a ‘serape jasper’  from Arizona. The piece is 18K gold and uses the texture from a sea urchin shell for the tubular bale. And just for fun, the back of the piece is even more detailed with leaf patterns cut from gold.


Gary Chandler and Maggie Down – Photographers

New to the Gallery is photography team Gary Chandler and Maggie Down. This talented duo produces  a unique blending of photography with digital art. Each piece conveys the visual appeal of the subject or place smithrockas well as the emotional impact of the scene that inspired it. These talented outdoor photography artists use the camera lens to share their explorations of the beautiful world that they see around them. Taking advantage of digital technology’s enhanced post-processing capabilities and advanced artistic tools they create images that represent not only what the lens captured but also what the mind saw. Their images are presented on fine art paper, gallery wrapped canvas and metal.


Shirley Checkos – Oil Painter

Shirley Checkos, accomplished oil painter, produces emotional portraits of both people and animals. Her pieces display an almost super-realistic technique that allow the viewer to have an immediate connection with the subject in the painting. The intense, saturated colors are breath taking. Checkos has an enduring connection to nature that is expressed through the eyes of her subjects. One of her newest paintings, Costa Rican Friends, depicts a toucan and a parrot that appear to reach out and catch the viewer’s attention.  The lush jungle background allows the artist to display her obvious talent for color and pattern.


Ken Medenbach – Chainsaw Creations

Long time gallery favorite, Ken Medenbach, captures the emotion of Central Oregon high desert country with his unique and often lovable chainsaw carved wood pieces. Using indigenous woods, Medenbach’s rugged outdoor benches and beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture pieces are very popular. Many are drawn into the Artists’ Gallery by incredibly cute carved bears that hold the Gallery doors open. Whether bears, benches, eagles, salmon, trees or furniture, Ken makes everything to give your home the emotion of Central Oregon.

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