ART STATION in Bend, Oregon Hosts Certified Golden Acrylics Working Artist

Continuing an annual collaboration, GOLDEN Acrylics working artist Corrine Loomis-Dietz will be teaching a class at the Art Station on May 30. Appropriate for students of all skill levels, the class stands out because participants get to access a wide assortment of GOLDEN acrylic paints, grounds, mediums and gels to discover the versatile nature of this paint system.

“We love having Corrine for her visits. She is well-liked, exuberant and supportive in the classroom environment,” says Deborah Allen, the Art Station’s education director. “The Art Station always strives to utilize the highest quality teaching artists to ensure our students receive the best possible experience. Corrine is a perfect example of an accomplished artist who is so enthusiastic to share with the people lucky enough to be in her classes. The opportunity to experiment with a wide range of mediums is a bonus.”

Those who get a spot in the class will have an opportunity to work with a “wild combination of mediums” to create personal mixed media artwork as Loomis-Deitz “shares techniques inherent to painting, drawing, and collage,” continues Allen. Arts Central’s Executive Director, Cate O’Hagan says “this is a great opportunity for local artists. Bringing this class to Bend represents how Arts Central is constantly striving to bring fresh, high quality artistic opportunities to Central Oregon.”

The class will take place Saturday, May 30 from 11am-4pm.
For more information about the project, contact Arts Central, 541-617-1317.

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