Artisan Outdoor Market Sets Up Space in Tumalo

Karin Younger and her fiancée Joe Beal are heading up a new Outdoor Market for local artists starting on June 6-7 next door to the Circle of Friends Gallery in Tumalo. Open every weekend 9-4pm throughout the summer.

Karin, who shares four teenagers with Joe, explains: “We have started a business, Ä (love in Swedish), based on Joe’s awesome creativity and skills. It’s still challenging to survive with a large family and getting your business out there. We have talked with many artists that feel the same way, galleries charge 45-55 percent commission which makes that very challenging. We understand of course because they need to make rent too.

“Then we found Circle of Friends Gallery in Tumalo, Jae the owner greeted and welcomed us like family from the first time we met her. Now we are collaborating, the empty grass property next to her gallery will be the space for our summer long weekend Artisan Outdoor Market. We have measured out 20+ 10×10 spaces, made bark paths and working on a new sign for the gallery itself.

“Art is so important and we choose to support artists that can’t afford a lot by only charging $25 space/day. Through the summer we will be creating a space for people to meet, shop, browse and support local artists, while enjoying The Dream Swing that Joe made for Burning Man, and a stage open for anyone who would like to share their gifts with us, drum circles and more.

Karin Beal

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