Artists’ Gallery Summer Pleasures

There are many activities to enjoy in Sunriver and one of the best is spending time with local artists at the Artists’ Gallery. In fact, on Saturday August 12, 4-6pm visitors can share food and drink while partying with the artists. The gallery is proud to present several new artists as well as all of the old favorites.

Husband and wife glass artists, Jeff and Heather Thompson, have been creating sculpture from hot molten glass for over 17 years. The duo is a long time favorite at the gallery. Their pieces range from large complicated sea creatures to modern wall installations. There is even something for collectors without a lot of display space left in their homes. Always popular are beautiful hand blown Quail and other Central Oregon birds, or perhaps a whimsical heart paper weight. It is always interesting to talk with the artists about the combination of science and art that it takes to create this beautiful work.

New to the gallery this summer is furniture artist Jim Fister, an active volunteer and well-recognized face in the Sunriver area. Having recently left a long career in the high-tech industry, the artist has embraced a decidedly low-tech approach to the creation of his art. Using primarily small hand tools, Fister works with wood, stone and metal to create unique natural edge furniture pieces. He utilizes the rustic character of the materials to create functional conversation pieces that serve a utilitarian purpose. Jim is happy to work with you to build a specific item that fits your size and space constraints. He also provides custom framing for other art pieces.

Painter Bill Hamilton is a long time favorite at the gallery. His dry sense of humor is easy to pick up in many of his delightful paintings of birds and animals. Hamilton really shines when painting local Central Oregon landmarks such as scenes in downtown Bend and surrounding natural landscapes. When asked about a painting of Smith Rock, the artist claimed to have snapped an inspirational photo as he fell 40 feet from the face of the rock. While just a good story, he did produce a beautiful piece of art that captures the beauty of that area. Bill has many more good stories that he would like to share with you when you visit the gallery.

The gallery includes pastel painter Laura Jo Sherman who moved to Oregon 17 years ago from New York. She pursued a career in teaching art for 33 years and was only able to concentrate on her own painting career after retirement. With great energy, Sherman established herself as a multi award winning artist. Ten years ago she was accepted as a signature member to the prestigious Pastel Society of America — no small achievement. Subject matter for the artist is varied, but it is easy to see her love for animals, local scenes and the beauty of small things. Sherman says that her favorite subjects can be found in the backyard. She is a devoted plein air (outdoors) painter. Each painting grabs the viewers interest with thousands of energetic pastel strokes. Subjects vibrate with color and life. Most of the artist’s paintings are relatively small so there is always room for one on any collectors wall.

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village
Building 19

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