Artists’ Gallery Sunriver August 2018

(Artwork above: Poppies by Bonnie Junell)

August is perhaps one of the best months of the year, especially if you are celebrating with the artists at the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver. Because the gallery is open every day from 10am to 8pm, any day is great, but on Saturday, August 11 from 4-7pm summer fun is enhanced with beer, wine and great food. Visitors can hang out with the artists and enjoy this month’s featured artists.

Jewelry artist Karla Proud is featuring Natural Plush Oregon Sunstones. Nature provides a beautiful array of colors -from pinks and peaches to fiery reds- but none so bright as the golden stones called “Champagne”. Enjoy the sparkle of these all-natural stones that hail from Oregon’s high desert in Eastern Oregon. This special and rare gem (found only in Oregon) is what enticed the artist to move from Hawaii to Oregon 13 years ago. “I will never get over the thrill of actually digging these gems from the earth…being the first person on earth to see such a find” says Proud. This thrill continues to fire my passion for gemstones, minerals and the creation of fine jewelry designs.

Photographer Carolyn Waissman explores the subject “The Beauty of Hands- Working Hands- Creating Hands-Loving Hands.” The artist’s inspiration was generated by watching her grandmother’s hands as she taught the young artist to sew, cook and garden. “My grandmother’s old hands had such beauty in my eyes, even though she could never appreciate it.” Waissman’s love of photography provides a perfect medium for this subject.

Painter Bonnie Junell has added even more of her beautiful landscapes – each featuring a familiar area. Her paintings of wildflowers and poppies burst from the canvas. Junell uses both brushes and her favorite large palette knife to create a buildup of paint further enhancing her creation of depth. The artist’s latest paintings have been created on wood panels (as opposed to canvas). The wood adds something special to both the painting and the presentation of the frame. Junell’s Paint and Sip classes are as popular as ever.

Ceramic artist Mary Moore utilizes a technique called “Sgraffito” to make her ceramic figures come alive. The technique utilizes an underglaze on certain sections of the piece that has been “carved” away to create wonderful patterns. Moore’s pieces range in size from the smallest called “Mud Babies” to medium called “Whispers” to the largest sculptures which explore different aspects of human nature. The figures can reflect a different place in time and a sense of whimsy and grace.

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village
57100 Beaver Dr., Bldg 19

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