Artists Gallery Sunriver Beats The Heat With Four “Cool” Artists.

nancyAugust will offer up wonderful precision fabric art, exquisite fine pottery, splendid collage and watercolor and gorgeous functional kitchen pottery. Second Saturday Reception August 11.

AGS teams up with fellow sponsor of the Sunriver Art Faire, Willamette Valley Vineyards. All three days of the Sunriver Art Faire (August 10-12) Willamette Valley will be pouring tastes of some of their best wines inside of the Gallery.

During the summer months, the SHARC facility hosts artistic instructors to accommodate the growing demand for fun beginner classes. If you’ve never picked up a brush don’t let that daunt you.

Featured artists in August are:
Nancy Cotton is beginning her second year with the Gallery. She is a retired teacher who taught all levels of mathematics in and around Portland. She loves geometry, precision, and patterns in nature.

Nancy learned to sew at an early age and was primarily a seamstress who created her own clothes.  She began quilting in 2009 and enrolled in a beginning quilting class at Morrows so she could learn to use her new sewing machine. It didn’t take long before she was hooked on quilting.

“Quilting appeals to me because of the wide variety of techniques, patterns, and skill levels,” she says. “Right now, I’m having lots of fun using beautiful contemporary fabrics with traditional patterns. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with quilting, because there are so many different directions you can go, and I have so much to learn.”

Nancy is currently working on quilts involving circles. “It’s been fun to revisit all those terms I taught in Geometry class – arcs, sectors, chords, concentric circles, etc.”

Fellow featured artist Diane Miyauchi has always had art in her life.  She has a BFA in design and was an art teacher for 20 years (which included a large ceramics program), and she now concentrates on her own art.  Her focus in ceramics began when she moved to Bend 12 years ago.  She started by volunteering at the Art Station and making a few pieces a week.  Her commitment furthered when her husband bought her a wheel and she began sharing a kiln with a friend. Her studio soon expanded to include everything necessary to produce slab, wheel, and hand-built pieces that are finished with high, alternative, and raku firings. Currently, she shows her art locally and participates in art shows in the Northwest. She also enjoys enrolling in art workshops and traveling to ceramic shows for enrichment.

Dottie Moniz attended Santa Rosa Junior Collage, UC-Davis in Sacramento and Mendocino Art Center, as well as many workshops from nationally known artists. While living in Sonoma County, California, she was the recipient of numerous awards in local competitions. In 2006, Moniz retired and moved to Central Oregon to fulfill a childhood dream as she fell in love with the beauty of this area while on vacation with her parents. After several years of painting watercolors, Dottie discovered collages. She now combines the two processes to create beautiful, unique works of art. Her latest interest has been creating collages out of fabric. “My intention is to eventually combine the two elements producing more textured and unique surfaces,” she says.

Tina Brockway, a featured fine pottery artist, finds working in clay a miraculous journey in physics. From its smallest particles held together by an invisible, infinite thread, to watching that life manifest into something of either functionality or resonate beauty.

“It is not unlike a painting, a sculpture or a beautiful piece of music, all strings of pearls touched by thought and held together with the unknown,” she explains. “Everything in clay is of the natural elements. I am constantly amazed in the fact that everything we need are already provided here if only we look closely and listen.”

Brockway not only gets to listen for the song, paint the painting, carve the sculpture, but she is allowed to make the canvas too.

Let art and music inspire you in August. For a daily dose of art, stop by the Artists Gallery to see what is new. They are located between Hot Lava Bakery and El Caporal in the Village.


Local artists interested in being a part of the gallery should email vern@vernbartley for more information to learn more of our jury process.        

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