Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Evoke Emotion in Artwork

All artists strive to evoke emotion in those who view their art.  This July the featured artists at the Sunriver Artists Gallery have achieved that goal.  It doesn’t matter that the art media utilized by these artists ranges from jewelry and gourd art to photography and pastel paintings, the viewer can’t help but feel the emotion and admire the beauty.

Stop by the gallery and enjoy these special pieces of art.  If your calendar allows be sure to attend the monthly gallery event Second Saturday.  This celebration will be held on Saturday July 9 from 4-7pm.  You can enjoy food, wine and beer while chatting with the artists about their work.

Reaching for new creative horizons keeps artist, Susan Harkness-Williams, in a constant state of curiosity in her fine gourd art sculptures.  As a student of mixed media, she will draw from an illustrator’s perspective, a contemporary naturescape, or a nod to her love of archaeology.

In the Halls of the Ancients the art collector will find all these at once.  Ancients is one of her larger sitting pieces and is suspended by hand forged steel.   A second piece was inspired by a collector of her work.  Elk Spirit Ceremonial Shield features a relief carved elk totem and employs oil paint, inlayed beaded rosettes and turquoise.  The Elk Totem, symbolizing bravery and strength, is set upon a background of a stylized rising sun relief representing hope and renewal.


Metal smith and Jewelry designer, Stella Rose Powell, creates hand wrought art jewelry using traditional metal smith tools such as a hammer and anvil.  Each piece is unique to the characteristics of the metal, the receptiveness of the hammer and the intimate relationship she has with nature.  The artist uses the method of metal deformation to develop her own fold form elements.  Petals and leaves are hammered from copper, sterling silver and gold bi-metal sheet and forged into sensuous curves, ruffles and folds.    Her new collection of jewelry is called Beyond the Garden.


Award winning pastel artist, Laurajo Sherman, utilizes her chosen medium to capture the light and energy of nature in each of her museum worthy pieces.  Sherman’s combination of brilliant saturated color and the energy and movement of  her actual painting strokes evokes an immediate viewer reaction.  Her pieces Daisy Power and  Red Poppies are great examples of her emotive style.  Most recently, the artist was awarded a Richardson Award and achieved Signature status from the Pastel Society of America.


Photographer Richard Frederick captures the emotion of those who serve.  Using his 4 x 5 field camera, he captured a black and white image located in the harsh environment of southern Utah.  The image, titled Those Who Served, is of the final resting place of a single family who in one day were massacred by local tribal Indians.  The family had been dispatched by the Mormon Church to establish a new community.    Another piece TAPS…Day is Done is an archival color photograph taken at Lake Slocum in British Columbia.  Taken just after sundown, the photo captures the quiet and tranquility of the deserted location.  A fitting memorial to those who served, you can almost hear the echo of the trumpet playing Taps.



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