Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Second Saturday Celebration

Summertime in Sunriver brings a host of concerts and music venues, but how about a little music for the eyes. Second Saturday Celebration, August 9, 4-7pm, features Fabric Artist Nancy Cotton, Potter Diane Miyauchi, Solvent Transfer artist Cameron Kaseberg and Wildlife Photographer Carolyn Waissman.

If Second Saturday does not work for you, the gallery welcomes guests every day from 9am to 8pm in the month of August.


NancyCottonFabric artist Nancy Cotton can provide your musical introduction with her wonderful creations. Although Cotton is well known for her incredible geometric quilts, the artist provides a wide array of functional art such as table runners, hats, zipped containers, wall hangings and more. One of the latest additions is a whimsical wall hanging of bird houses. Cotton never disappoints when she produces her pieces. Most recently she has been inspired by red poppies, using the same poppy fabric in two different pieces. But with her typical artistic flair, Cotton has accomplished two totally different presentations of the fabric.


Your next visual music experience is provided by potter, Diane Miyauchi. Her pieces (although all safe and functional regular usage) sing a special tune of their own. Miyauchi’s variety of bowls range in size from small (3 inch diameter) to large (12 inch). The outside of the bowls are all glossy black with varied and natural edges, but a surprise is hidden on the inside! Each bowl is a separate bright color. Stack them one inside the other or line them up on your counter like notes in a song. The artist’s high fire glazing process allows color to be a key player in her pieces, especially with her use of black and red. But don’t worry, Miyauchi still provides plenty of her signature blue and green pieces as well.


New to the gallery, but not to Central Oregon, is Solvent Transfer artist, Cameron Kaseberg. Kaseberg’s use of this obscure process produces pieces that have an almost lyrical nature to them. Some of Cameron’s transfer prints transport the viewer back to special places in time where life was a bit simpler. However, the solvent transfer process is anything but simple. Each work is a combination of subject matter (printed media as well as the artist’s own photos) that is physically utilized by chemically dissolving them and transferring the images on to a new surface. Much as a photographer can manipulate the camera image, solvent transfer can be changed, arranged, composed or altered to achieve the artist’s goals. Additional treatment with drawing or painting techniques may contribute to the uniqueness of each work. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind.


Well known wildlife photographer, Carolyn Waissman, has introduced a few barnyard notes to her collection of works. This spring Waissman traveled Oregon taking portraits of chickens, pigs, goats and much more. These portraits sing a lively tune. The artist’s special talent provides close-up intimate photographs that show the essence and attitude of each animal. This fun and engaging collection demonstrates what great models these animals make.

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver
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