Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village June Artist Reception

(Artwork above by Deni Porter)

Summer has arrived and the 30 local Artists at Artists’ Gallery Sunriver have had a busy Winter creating beautiful new works. We don’t hibernate over the winter…we create!

Our monthly Party with the Artists is on Saturday June 9 from 4-6pm. Join us for food, wine, beer and wonderful new art. We will have art demonstrations as well.

Featured artist, Becky Henson creates unique and locally inspired stained glass. Gallery artist, Karla Proud, offered some raw Oregon Sunstones (our State gemstone). Becky combined this use of these natural gemstones with rusts and orange shaded glass created a one of a kind masterpiece.

Becky: “Recently I purchased some multi-faceted glass gems and used them to create my ‘Kaleidoscope Sunflower’. The small pieces of gold, blue, and green glass were recovered from an old damaged lamp. I like thinking outside the normal box of stained glass.”

Featured artist, Mary Wonser is getting back to her original weaving roots with wall hangings, rugs and runners. Mary is using wool rug yarn from Arroyo Seco, New Mexico which she hand dyes. She likes to embellish some of the hangings with old coins, beads, feathers or other found objects. The embellishments or textured yarns are often the first impetus in planning a weaving. “I’ve created a black wall weaving with pottery embellishments as a collaboration with Dori Kite, a ceramic artist in the gallery. “

Featured artist, Joanne Simmons Walch: “My art comes from an appreciation of the beauty in historic designs, and a love of creative embroidery that I learned at a young age. I locate and research original stencil designs that were used a century ago to grace the walls of family homes. My stencil designs date from the 1890’s to the early 1920’s.”

Joanne recreates these stencils and uses them with selected high-quality fabrics (linen, silk, suiting fabrics) and historic palettes to make textiles that can be proudly used and displayed in today’s homes. The gallery has a wonderful selection of pillows, tea towels and framed stencils with embroidery detail. Joanne is also offering classes this summer in the art of fabric stenciling.

Featured artist, Deni Porter, creates watercolor paintings that are alive with color and emotion. Painting subjects range from animals to the streets of Bend and the beautiful outdoor scenes of Sunriver. Deni is frequently found at work painting in the gallery, explaining techniques and methods to anyone who is interested.

Deni also is happy to provide beautiful realistic portraits of pets or children. Pricing is very reasonable, and the result is a family heirloom to cherish for years to come. All Deni needs is a few photos to work from. Sometimes an original painting of a beloved pet can induce a smile every time that you catch a glimpse.

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village
57100 Beaver Drive, Building 19
Sunriver, Oregon

Phone: 541 593 4382

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