Artwork by Matthew Nicolau

Astir Agency Spotlights Pop Artist During First Friday Art Hop

Astir Agency is hosting a solo show featuring pop artist Matthew Nicolau during October First Friday, 5-9pm
Nicolau was born in 1976 to a single mother and spent his childhood growing up on the rough streets of Fresno, California. There, he was exposed to the 1980’s graffiti scene, hip hop music and gang culture. Despite the socioeconomic challenges he encountered as a child, he later attended New York University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in comparative literature and cinema studies.
For four years, he was the first assistant to legendary photographer and pop artist, Peter Beard. It was during this time in New York that Matthew discovered his  passion for creativity and where he began his first forays into the adventure of being an artist.
Matthew has worked all over the world as an actor, documentary film maker and photographer. In 2008, he moved  from New York to Los Angeles where he met his wife and began a family. They now live in Oregon.
Astir was founded by partners Elise Jones, Erik Bergstrom and Tim Jones. Born of the desire to create a truly integrated agency, Astir is driven by the idea of relationships; relationships between agency and client and relationships between clients and their respective audience.
Elise Jones
Strategy + Design
Astir Agency
115 NW Oregon Ave., Suite 30
in Bend’s historic O’Kane building
o: 541.678.5889
m: 541.771.3547

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