Base Camp Studio Painting Marathon

Base Camp Studio is a new arts non-profit providing accessible and affordable arts opportunities to the Bend community, reaching out to underserved populations and schools. On September 6 they will host the First Annual Base Camp Studio Painting Marathon. Crow’s Feet Commons will host this lively event where local painters will share their craft on three 5’x6’ canvases displayed outside for the crowds to enjoy.  

Three teams of nine painters will take turns painting continuously for 26.2 hours, taking three hour shifts, never resting the paintbrush.  

They will also have a kids 5K “sprint” event during the art walk hours. Over one hundred kids will take three minute turns painting continuously for 3.1 hours on two different canvases, creating original 2’x3’ colorful originals.

The mission of Base Camp Studio is to provide a sustainable and supportive space that builds a healthy community by cultivating artistic creativity, self-awareness, personal growth and interpersonal understanding. 503-953-2175,

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