Cast of James and the Giant Peach

BEAT & Summit High: A Fall of Roald Dahl

This Fall, two local theater programs, Summit High School and BEAT Quality Youth Theatre, are producing two Roald Dahl favorites – The Witches, and James and the Giant Peach! As the leaves change and you settle in to the colder and darker seasons, consider bringing your family to enjoy these creative and beautiful plays put on by young people, for young people.
Of Roald Dahl, and The Witches, Lara Okamoto, Theatre Director of Summit High School says, “His stories are incredibly inventive, heart-warming, and yes, even dark. I appreciated that he didn’t hide tragedy away from his young readers, but rather embraced it and showed us how to overcome our more difficult times. Secondly, I love this story because of the lessons it teaches: facing our fears, overcoming great obstacles and how the uncompromising love of family can bring us great happiness, even through the most difficult of misfortunes.”
The Witches—presented by Summit High School—Witches don’t wear pointed hats, striped stockings and ride broomsticks. Real witches look just like everyone else, and there’s nothing that witches hate more than children! This is exactly what a young boy discovers when he accidentally finds himself in the midst of a secret meeting held by the Grand High Witch, and her heinous plan to rid the country of all children. On stage at the end of October, just in time for Halloween! To learn more, go to
James and the Giant Peach—presented by BEAT Quality Youth Theatre—How do you escape a miserable life, with miserable aunts and no friends? Why, flying away on a Giant Peach powered by seagulls, with giant bugs for your friends and traveling companions, of course! In Roald Dahl’s first piece of children’s literature, he introduces us to a young hero, James Henry Trotter, who goes on the adventure of a lifetime with a ladybug, a centipede, a blind earthworm, a wise old green grasshopper and many more critters. On stage in November.

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