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Beautiful Colors of the Season at Artists’ Gallery Sunriver

Fall doesn’t have a lock on all of the beautiful colors of the season.  At the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver, color will glow in the windows by catching the brilliance from featured glass art that is positioned there.  You have only to walk by the gallery to enjoy, but it is so much better if you come inside.  A really good time to visit would be the Second Saturday Celebration on Saturday, November 12 from 4 to 6pm.

Marily Badger

Be prepared to enjoy not only conversation with the resident artists, but have a glass of wine, beer, or soda and a bit of something to eat.

Glass fusion artist, Marily Badger, has provided a new method for displaying her many art pieces by utilizing custom metal stands.  The glass arts fits seamlessly into the metal stands to make a beautiful way to optimize a light source to show off the pieces.   Badger’s subject matter has enlarged from her whimsical Hawaiian  themed pieces to include some unique nature scenes.   The process used by the artist is called kiln casting.

Glass casting is the process in which glass objects are cast by directing molten glass into a mold where the glass solidifies.  This technique has been used since the Egyptian period.  Modern cast glass is formed by a variety of processes such as kiln casting – casting into sand or graphite or metal molds.  Some of the artist’s pieces have over 100 hours of slow and careful time in the kiln mostly during the slump phase.    One of Badger’s featured pieces is 17 x 18” and called “Dragon Fly Mist”  It was hand cast with hand cut pieces on a streaky fully fused piece of glass.

Stained glass artist, Becky Henson, is new to the gallery this year.  Already her beautiful pieces are a favorite.  The artist uses more traditional techniques to produce pieces with a modern flare.  Central Oregon is an obvious inspiration seen many of her pieces- especially her circular piece called Three Sisters.

As with the incredible lighting and views of Central Oregon, no two pieces of the artist’s work are the same.  Some pieces evoke a strong sense of quilting with the play of shape, pattern, and color that is so attractive on fabric also lends itself beautifully to glass jewel tones.  Most recently Henson has created windows with secondhand items such as bevels from old lamps or old window frames giving the glass a wonderful new interpretation.

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver
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