Bend Artist Uses Local Landscape to Create Healing Artworks

Bend artist Natasha Bacca was commissioned by the Utah Public Art Program to create artwork for The University of Utah’s Noorda School of Oral Health.
The series, titled Inspired by Nature, is comprised of 13 40-inch by 60-inch panels. At 2,570 square feet, these artworks span all three floors of the new building which houses a school for dentistry.
Bacca states, “When creating this series I took into account the experiences of the faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors to the school by incorporating the beautiful setting with a community that values education.”
The artworks derive inspiration from the natural landscape elements of Bend, much like those of Utah, including mountains, aspen trees and open sky. The artworks illustrate a variety of aspen trees throughout different settings and seasons. Mountains are included in some artworks, and all artworks are mounted with acrylic glass to represent the open sky.
Consistent with the building’s focus on improving individual health, Bacca infused the artworks with the concept of a healing essence. Nature is a subject analogous to health and human life. Inspired by Nature employs the notion of exceptional nature as a mirror of exceptional human nature, utilizing nature as a catalyst to explore concepts of life and health.
Inspired by Nature draws on scenes of nature to invoke sensations of wellness, peace and calm. Trees are peaceful symbols of life that illustrate growth as well as the passage of time. They take on the appearance of decay in the winter, only to sprout anew with the return of spring. In this way, these artworks are inspirational symbols of health and healing.
Natasha Bacca’s artwork has been exhibited internationally and is featured in private, public and corporate collections. Collectors include NASA, Hilton Hotels, Kaiser Permanente hospitals, UC Davis Medical Center, Mesa Verde National Park, Northern Arizona University, Central Oregon Community College, Deschutes Brewery and many more. It has been featured on billboards across the United States and television shows, including CBS’s Two Broke Girls, ABC’s Last Man Standing and Scandal and Oregon Art Beat. In 2011, Natasha Bacca was granted a U.S. patent for the process by which she creates her art.

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