Blending Water & Silk

Linda Swindle began her artistic journey as a watercolor artist that eventually found her way to fiber and working with silk. Watercolor is her first love with silk painting coming in at a close second. Swindle is fascinated with the movement of colors that both surfaces allow as the dyes flow and blend similar to the way watercolor behaves on a wet surface. The colors are vivid and the silk adds a different element as the surface is porous and has an interesting shimmer and texture. Silk is the strongest natural fiber, is archival and was the painting surface of choice long before canvas or paper was used. Linda explains, “It is a magical experience to touch the brush to the silk and watch the dyes flow and to manipulate and blend the colors.

Swindle continues to experiment in the “gutta serti” method of silk painting. “My work may be described as wearable art but may be hung and displayed in your home. My pieces are original, one of a kind custom art. I paint on 100% Silk Habotai which is durable, luxurious and transcends the seasons. My designs are bold, vibrant, and often whimsical.” Examples can be seen in the beautiful floral designs as well as her more fanciful subjects that include teapots, frogs and all manner of delightful creatures.

Linda teaches The Magic of Silk each year at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Lincoln City, Oregon, at Art Unraveled in Phoenix, Arizona and at her studio in Powell Butte, Oregon.

Linda’s work can be found at the Red Chair Gallery in Downtown Bend.

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