Buckboard & Tumalo Feed Company Present Mystery Theatre

You’ll find out when we discover…Who Shot the Sheriff? presented by Buckboard Murder Mysteries Tumalo Feed Company on the first Sunday of the month, October 2, 6pm, at Tumalo Feed Company, 64619 W. Highway 20.
The date is 1882.  Mat Slaughter, the town sheriff, a man of doubtful background, has been shot by an unknown gunman.  The mayor has called a meetin’ in the Golden Day Saloon to determine who shot the sheriff to elect a new one. 
Miss Kitty will get everyone started with the “help” of Jim Snakeoil. Just watch yer pocketbooks purses. And, we might even get something done at this meetin’ if we keep Virginia Clampit of the Women’s Temperance Union out of the saloon.
There’s also been much speculation about the old Broken Top Mine.  Has Ole Ben finally struck it rich? Will he survive to tell us? Will he ever take a bath?
Buckboard Mysteries offers the interactive entertainment including murder mysteries, melodramas, game shows team building. For more than five years, they have entertained a variety of guests in more than 100 public, private corporate venues. Each interactive event can be customized. Buckboard also has a certified facilitator to lead team building corporate strategic planning sessions that ensure fun in the process.
Reservations requested; tickets available at www.buckboardmysteries.com or 541-350-0018.  Grown-ups $44.95 Young’ns 5-12 $29.95.

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