Maria Bay

Multi-award winning and internationally published photographer Maria F. Bay specializes in fine art portraiture and storytelling photography.
Originally from Arequipa, Peru, Maria has a real passion for creating unique and beautiful images of people. Since 2010, when she started CasaBay Photography, she has lived and worked in Perú, Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts and Oregon, China, and Ukraine.
Maria prides herself in being able to create distinctive images that capture the personality of her subjects while maintaining a steady production of high-quality photography on location as well as in studio.

Amy Castano

Amy is a photographer, artist and adventure seeker. She is always searching for a unique viewpoint. She searches for, “…a different angle…something interesting in something ordinary…the perfect radiant light…or just something beautiful…finding art in everything.” She is typically drawn to the urban landscape: industry, architecture, telephone wires, brick walls , bridges, lines and shapes that create artwork to be captured.
Ryder Redfield

Ryder is a sixth generation Oregonian. Growing up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains meant that his early years were filled with hiking, snowboarding, fly-fishing and mountain biking. Graduating from the University of Oregon after a senior year abroad in Argentina, his adventures have taken him further afield and he hasn’t stopped moving since. His desire to constantly explore has resulted in him living in Costa Rica for over two years, working as a licensed officer on National Geographic Expedition ships in Alaska, Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica and fueled an already existing passion for photography.

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