Celebrate National Poetry Month at Dudley’s Bookshop Café

hdpcGet an early start on celebrating April’s National Poetry Month with the Bend-based High Desert Poetry Cell (HDPC) and receive an autographed book of their poems in exchange for making a cash donation to Saving Grace of Central Oregon.


When HDPC poets, Larry Jacobs, Don Kunz, John Kvapil, Peter Lovering and John Martin read at Dudley’s last November, it was to a standing room only crowd. So, plan to come early, get a good seat, order a glass of wine or beer or a cup of fresh-brewed coffee and get ready to hear some new words.


WHEN:  Sunday March 30, starting at 4pm.

WHERE:  Dudley’s Bookshop Café, 135 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend


HDPC readings are entertaining! If you think poetry is obscure, requires super human concentration or tends to induce clinical depression, you probably haven’t heard these guys who make it a point to write and perform poems that are understandable, short and even funny. Also before you can get bored with one of them, another one has started reading.


It’s happy hour! The HDPC wants you to know they have discovered poetry and alcohol mix almostas well as poetry and coffee. Make a free will cash donation to Saving Grace! One of Oregon’s most effective nonprofits, Saving Grace provides a full spectrum of much needed services to victims of domestic violence. And as a reward for your philanthropy, receive an autographed book to keep or bestow as a gift.


Friends (Notes from Poet John Kvapil):


April is the cruelest…No, wait, it’s not, at least not in Central Oregon, and anyway April is National Poetry Month. That said, please bear in mind:

•    Poetry does not need to be “Special”
•    It does not need to be “Serious”
•    Poetry is not necessarily “Important” (you know, in the ‘I really SHOULD do this’ sense)
•    And the good stuff is NEVER, EVER boring!
No, poetry IS NORMAL! There is NOTHING wrong with you if you:
•    Read it (even out loud)
•    Nod-off while reading it
•    Laugh with it
•    Cry with it
•    Clap for it
•    Write it
•    Just think about writing it, then pick up a pencil or pen, sigh, put it down
•    Surreptitiously write it on the back of that receipt you didn’t want her/him to see
•    Listen to it all day like most construction workers do (only to music)
•    Listen to 5 local guys read new stuff
•    Are curious what 5 local guys WOULD write poems about

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