Celebrating Strong Women

by RENEE PATRICK Cascade A&E Editor


Central Oregon is inspiring. Not only for the mountain backdrop, cascading waterfalls and 300 days of sun, but for the entrepreneurial spirit, creative collaborations and, for me especially, the strong women roll-models found here.

We have an impressive collection of women-owned businesses in the high desert, and through the years of working for Cascade Publications (and under the mentorship of role-model and community leader Pamela Hulse Andrews), I’ve had the chance to tell many of their stories. From gallery owners and artists, to new product developers and leaders of family-owned businesses, we have an incredible trove of expertise to draw from, all resources that have greatly helped me take the leap in starting my own business too.

The MUSE celebration in March highlights this very spirit: by honoring girls and women who change the world through their creativity, community and social change efforts, and inspiring more to be catalysts for change in their communities, they predict the world can be a better place.

The MUSE conference starts on Friday, March 6, and continues throughout the weekend. At Bend’s ArtWalk on Friday night, 22 local artists will share their inspiration through a series of portraits celebrating women who have made a difference in the world. Pick up a map at Hot Box Betty and stroll downtown while you absorb the creative spirit of these ladies.

Another event that celebrates strong women will take place at the Patagonia store on March 12. Three women who have thru-hiked the 3,000 mile Continental Divide Trail (CDT) will join me that night for a fundraiser for the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, the organization working hard to complete and protect the youngest and longest of America’s long distance hiking trails. As I get ready for my solo hike on the CDT this April, these three have been great resources and excellent roll-models, come join us and hear some stories!

We have a wealth of experience and inspiration in our community, it’s going to be a great month to celebrate strong women in Central Oregon!

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