Django Django – Self Titled

djangodjangoThe British group Django Django released their first self titled album in late summer to fanfare across the pond and in the U.S. The group met while in school at the Edinburgh College of Art and later officially formed as a band in 2009. Currently based out of London, their first album came together with surprising ease, especially for a “bedroom album.” The voice belongs to Vincent Neff, with Jimmy Dixon on bass, Tommy Grace on the synthesizer and David Maclean on drums.

By far my favorite album of 2012, each track has the strength to stand alone with layers of rhythms woven around poignant lyrics. Within their melodic sound traces of ‘80s synthesized pop can be heard, but the infectious beats and eclectic sounds are timeless.

The album has been referred to as “a new modern classic” and Rolling Stone Magazine placed the debut at #26 of their top 50 albums in 2012. What all this boils down to is an adventurous and passionate foray into a blend of natural and synthetic sounds.

Default, one of the first singles released, powers through the opening seconds of the song with an infectious beat: guitar rifts and a powerful tambourine set the stage for their refrain, “Take one for the team, you’re a cog in the machine, it’s like a default.”

Another notable track, Skies Over Cairo, creates a sound evocative of exotic musical fusion, the instrumental adventure a direct line to the baking sun and sand dunes of Africa.

Django Django has a promising future in the wake of their wildly successful first album. Look for tour dates around the U.S. next year, including a performance at Portland’s Doug Fir on March 20.

by RENEE PATRICK Cascade A&E Editor


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