Druian, Leagjeld & Slater at Sunriver Resort Lodge

bettygraySunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery presents a fine art exhibit featuring Janice Druian, oil landscapes and Tracy Leagjeld, monotypes in the upper gallery with a feature of oils by Barbara Slater in the lower gallery. The exhibit continues through July 5.  

Leagjeld, painter and printmaker, shows monotypes. Presently, she creates monotypes on board as well as on paper on board. The finished print needs no framing behind glass, avoiding reflection from glass so prominent in Central Oregon sun. The artist also notes that the glass tends to dull the lush texture achieved with the layering of the relief inks on the board.   

Beginning with a drawing, often of landscape or city scenes as reference, she paints the plate with thickly textured inks, then lays the board or paper onto the inked plate. Then she applies pressure by hand to transfer the ink onto the board. Most printers, including those working with monotypes, traditionally use a press. Leagjeld’s method requires strength and constant pressure to transfer the inks from the plate.

The artist notes that art is her way to share her affection for light and color. She comments, “Forests, meadows, deserts and cities all have unique energy. I try to absorb their energy and hopefully transfer this experience to the art on which I am working. If accomplished, I am satisfied with my work. I am not interested with capturing exact shape and color. Rather, I strive to feel the spirit of the place and then create work that allows the viewer to experience this spirit or energy.”

A native of Bend, the artist now resides and works in Portland. Leagjeld, living in Bend until recently, helped to found and manage the Tumalo Art Company with co-founder Susan Luckey Higdon.

Druian, Bend artist, presents oil landscapes reflecting the beauty of remote parts of Oregon and Idaho in their opalescent mountains, vermillion cliffs and dramatic sunrises and sunsets. Her palette, expressing the vibrant light of the region, encompasses the entire color spectrum.


Druian’s art appeared at the 8th Annual (2014) Plein Air Invitational in Borrego Springs and at the 2014 invitational Cowgirl Up: the Other Half of the West at the Desert Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona.


Showing in the lower gallery are Slater’s oils reflecting her passion that began in her youth for barnyard animals. The artist paints her impressions of the personalities of cows and roosters creating endearing visions of these subjects.


This show also introduces Slater’s richly colored landscapes of Central Oregon including over-scale, brilliant red poppies growing in fields. Ranch and Country magazine of Santa Ynez, CA, frequently features her work on its cover. She is a member of Oil Painters of America and the California Art Club.


Sunriver invites the public to the exhibitions at the Lodge, open all hours. Billye Turner organizes exhibitions for Sunriver Resort and provides additional information at 503-780-2828.          


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