Echo Ridge Music Brings Cutting-Edge Recording Studio to Sisters

By JEFF SPRY AE Feature Writer
echoridge2Providing an oasis of creativity for aspiring musicians of all levels, Echo Ridge Music, a new cutting-edge recording studio in Sisters is recomposing the traditional avenues to a career in the world of music.  A joint venture between well-known local troubadour, Brent Alan, longtime L.A. musician producer Jim Goodwin, the duo’s goals are to provide a community music house to record educate local artists deliver charitable programs to the under-served disadvantaged throughout Central Oregon beyond.  Surrounded by pine trees juniper, it’s serene, natural beauty make it a unique venue for musicians building their song portfolios confidence.
“A family can fly out here stay become totally transformed in an environment where they feel safe can learn within a positive emotional experience,” said Alan.  “We’re not downtown, we’re out on ten acres in this private setting where people can come be inspired have a sense of getting away from it all.  We have a pond, a hot tub, huge deck plenty of quiet, hidden spots to relax write songs.”
No stranger to the limelight, Goodwin was a member of the 80’s pop-punk b , The Call, whose hit single The Walls Came Down I Still Believe, played in heavy rotation on radio stations MTV.  For the past 19 years he’s worked in Los Angeles as a successful writer music producer for film television.
“This was sort of a match made in Heaven,” he said.  “I moved up here last year Brent was one of the first people I met.  He felt this town needed a serious music studio had this plan that was my exact vision, seeing how much music there was here its connections to the community.”
The main mission for Echo Ridge is to record, then educate, then deliver music to license for broadcast, giving kids a head start in the industry prepare them for the challenges many opportunities available outside the routine path of simply joining a b or becoming a singer/songwriter.
“Music programs have been gutted from most schools I was so impressed to find things like the Americana Project here in the Sisters schools,” said an energized Goodwin.  “It’s a very unique thing not happening everywhere.  So why not teach kids about how to make money in the music business?”
The studio features state-of-the art digital recording equipment in a comfortable, Central Oregon atmosphere with incredible vistas.
“Our professional recording platform is Pro Tools HD-9 with a C-24 console that enables us to create an incredibly efficient workflow,” said Alan.  “It’s a limitless audio production system that lets you do anything you want.   We pride ourselves on capturing the purest sound in the best quality microphones.  We have all the gear to record anything from a solo singer to an entire b or ensemble, fusing vintage tube warmth with modern computer technology.”
“We want to be a liaison between all musicians in the area the contacts opportunities in the entire music business,” Goodwin said.  “As well as be an ever-evolving exp ing piece of the Central Oregon creative scene.”
Conventional studios used to be dark, cave-like rooms with no windows Echo Ridge transcends reinvents that environment with its kick-back, Western living room feel.
“There’s never really been something like this in the area, with this level of professionalism with an engineer producing team that can facilitate high-quality recordings help musicians underst the process of how that is achieved,” said Goodwin.
“The Sisters Folk Festival gave us a wonderful opportunity to connect with some world-class artists.  This town holds a special place in their hearts, they loved the idea of being able to stay at the studio record their music.  Clients who hire us to craft original music for their productions will get first rate attention the satisfaction of knowing that their support will benefit others. I’ve been creating broadcast music since 1988, Echo Ridge is surrounded by a lot of fresh talent as well.  We can definitely deliver.”
Goodwin Alan predict at some point there will be a singer/songwriter to come out of this program that will attain superstar success.
“This studio is a retreat a sanctuary for music,” said Alan.  “Every year the level of ability professionalism coming from these Americana kids has skyrocketed.  We want to be there to document them their music.”  
Echo Ridge Music is open for business any inquiries on their programs packages.  
Info: or 541-549-6138.

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