Doc Ryan and the Wychus Creek Band

February 21, 2019 all-day
McMenamins Old St. Francis School
700 NW Bond Bend
OR 97703
Doc Ryan and the Wychus Creek Band @ McMenamins Old St. Francis School

The Wychus Creek Band includes Joe Leonardi on Bass, Eve Harry on Vocals, Mark Hatcher on Electric Guitar,Billy Kelleher on percussion, and Gary Gallagher on Keyboards and the Accordian. Doc Ryan has produced 2 albums of original music releasing The Night We Danced in September 2017.

Originally from Texas, Doc Ryan has moved through the western United States. He draws inspiration from years of an outdoor life on the rivers and in the mountains of Colorado, Utah, and now resides in Bend, Oregon. For most of his life Doc Ryan travelled with an acoustic Guild guitar and played more campfires than stages. Then in 2004, Doc and friends formed the band “One Night Only”. They (and others) began the musical event now known as “Church Of Neil” which celebrates the life and music of Neil Young. This event is now in its 11th year and continues to unite a large part of Bend’s music community.

“One Night Only” became the “Docs of Rock” and for several years The Docs of Rock played fundraisers for Non-Profit and Charity events in Central Oregon. Doc Ryan began writing and producing his original music and released his first CD in 2013. This album includes the singles “Shakedown” and “Lava”, which are known for the simple melodies and messages that are well know to Doc Ryan’s original music.

Doc Ryan took a sabbatical with his family in 2014 to travel the world. He deepened his musical experience by busking with street musicians in Fiji and New Zealand, performing in cafe’s by invitation, and recording in deep canyons in the Australian Outback. Doc and his family eventually travelled to Thimphu, Bhutan where he discovered and played a weekly gig at the “Mojo Park Bar”, Bhutans only blues bar and venue for western music.

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