Faith, Hope & Charity Vineyards: This Week

(Magical Mystery 4 | Photo courtesy of Faith, Hope & Charity Vineyards)

We are Faith, Hope & Charity Strong and appreciate the support of our community! 

We have had an interesting week of cleanup, insurance adjusters, Deschutes County commissioners, vineyard specialists and our field man all make visits this week to assess damage from the hail storm that came through, and lend support and knowledge. We felt that we had lost the vineyard completely last Sunday as we assessed the damage and consulted on what we should do to proceed; fast-forward to a week later, seeing bits of green emerging from the vines that were completely stripped by the hail a week earlier. It is affirmation that the cold-hardy vines are strong and amazing fighters.

Tim Carpenter, our field man from Helena, Montana, has prescribed a nutritional foliar application of nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, boron, copper, potassium and more to feed the vine and strengthen it as it fights back. Our bark on the vines was also stripped, and we are applying an antifungal to seal and protect the vines from disease. Our vineyard worker, Steve Volmer, will be kept busy caring for the vines and nursing them back to health. There was extreme damage to the landscape and the patio lights and furnishings, but with the help of our wonderful staff, it is being cleaned and trimmed up to produce the beauty we are known for.

We are so pleased to be in Deschutes County and allowed to proceed to Phase 2, which allows us to continue our Vineyard Music Series, as well as a return to our Wedding and Event Schedule, which is booking heavily into 2021 and 2022.  

Check out our June music schedule on the website. Unfortunately, this past weekend was rained out, but the good news is that starting June 18, we will be adding our “Thirsty Thursdays” every week featuring the talented Micheal John and Rob Fincham. You must make reservations online at, click on the “Music and Events” link to see the lineup.
Come and enjoy our wonderful wines, artisan cheese and chocolate or sausage bite trays, and our amazing wood-fired pizza.

Magical Mystery 4!
This Saturday Night, June 13, from 6-9pm
Advanced ticket purchase required! Click the link below to purchase.

Introducing FHC Thirsty Thursdays!
New Time: 5-8pm
Michael John & Rob Fincham
Live at the Vineyard Thursday, June 18!
Reservations Required. Advanced ticket purchase required to ensure social distancing. Get your tickets by clicking the link below. Just $10.

Live Music at the Vineyard: The Substitutes
This Friday, June 12, from 6-9pm
Join us for the rock ‘n’ roll sounds of The Substitutes.
Tickets are only $10; advanced ticket purchase required.
Get your tickets here:

Father’s Day!
Although we were not able to reserve a fly fishing instructor for Father’s Day, we WILL be having music on the patio, breakfast pizza and mimosas, as well as our regular menu.
Open Father’s Day extended hours from 10am-5pm.

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