Fashion Becomes Us

Rare is the person who doesn’t give a second thought to their clothes. Old, young, conservative, flashy there’s likely a slant to your fashion sagacity.

And here’s the fun part, it doesn’t matter so much as what you decide to wear as your attitude about it.

It’s getting simpler to choose an ‘outfit’ as leggings have opened up all possibilities can be worn with just about anything from a dress, to a shirt to a skirt, even shorts.

And don’t forget hats. Decades after they fell out of fashion, hats are in style again. One manufacturer projects sales of fedoras alone will be up 20 percent this year.

But try not to be too trendy, there’s a difference between following fashions being fashionable.   There are really no hard fast rules, just lots of recommendations:

Always wear something that makes you feel comfortable, too tight, too flashy for your taste, take it off give it to someone else.

Try new things, but try them sparingly until you’re sure. Don’t wake up one day with tons of stuff in your closet you either didn’t wear or wore only once.

Check your closet often. If you keep really good stuff, someday it will make it back in the favorites. Styles come go adding new accessories to an old st by can change it entirely.

If like something so much, but it’s just not right any longer, take off the sleaves, shorten it, add new buttons, put on a new collar. It’s amazing what recycling a hot piece can do ( people like local artist Allison Murphy creative alterations Connie Flores can do it for you!)

Try different accessories with your favorite jeans or jacket. A big bold necklace can all of a sudden make a new look.

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes, but don’t fear high heels with jeans either,  even if you always wear boots. Shoes, in my view, make the wardrobe. Flat, high or in between they should be carefully anointed every time you leave the house. And if in doubt about them, leave the house with them, but take a st by in case you change you mind in the middle of the day.

Think of fashion as fun, it’s not really as serious as it seems! pha

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