Fine Jewelry & Metal Arts Show

The Central Oregon Metal Arts (COMAG) annual show and sale is set for the Liberty Theater in Bend on August 4, Friday from 1-9pm and August 5 Saturday, August 6 from 10am to 6pm.

COMAG is a diverse group of metal artists representing a wide range of styles and techniques including jewelry designers, gemstone cutters, sculpture artists and blacksmiths. The artists come together for support, education and fun dedicated to the collaboration in metal arts and crafts.

“We are such a diversified group from jewelers and designers of local stores, to street art, blacksmiths and sculptors,” said Goph Albitz, a member of COMAG. “Some work solely with fire and hammers creating ‘one of a kind’ pieces while others are more high tech with Cad cam designing and wax carving equipment. We have a couple of stone cutter-carvers amongst us.

“We all share the common bond of being creative people with a love the metal, be it steel, iron, copper, silver or gold.  the forming of these materials into what our minds conceive and then sharing with each other the techniques and methods of how we did it or got to the finished item.”

There is no cost to attend.

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