First Friday January 4




1.  Bend d’Vine 541-323-3277. 2. Desperado 541-749-9980. 3. Franklin Crossing 541-382-9398. 4. Lubbesmeyer Studio. 541-330-0840. Red Chair Gallery 541-306-3176. 6. Sage Custom Framing & Gallery 541-382-5884. 7. Tumalo Art Co. 541-385-9144.


Art in the Atrium at Franklin Crossing 550 NW Franklin, celebrates First Friday with Visions Of Hope, paintings and drawings sold to benefit orphans in the Otino Waa Children’s Village in Uganda.
Retired Bend schoolteachers, Bob and Carol Higgins, attended a 1999 conference in Uganda on a trip that rocked their world. Now for 12 years they have worked in Northern Uganda to build Otino Waa, more like a village than an orphanage, with small houses for eight children and local widows serving as housemothers. Presently 260 children live in the village funded entirely from private donations by generous Americans; the children attend primary, secondary and vocational school, gaining a general education and job skills.
Among the benefactors are inmates of the Snake River Correctional Institution of northeastern Oregon who, during a prison chapel service, heard the heart-breaking stories of the orphans, some forced into service as child soldiers or with parents lost to AIDS and other tragic circumstances. The inmates proposed to officials that they create works of art to be sold to benefit the children.
The art on display at Franklin Crossing is artwork from the Snake River institution. The inmates, some of whom will never be released, say the payback is a sense of purpose they have not felt in years. Thus art helps to heal not only children in Uganda but also serves incarcerated men in Oregon. All sales solely benefit Otino Waa and its children.
Noi Thai will serve wine and Thai appetizers and Tom Freedman will lead a group of Latin rhythm musicians. Billye Turner, art consultant, provides additional information at 541-382-9398.  

Bend City Walls at City Hall Exhibition 710 NW Wall Street. 541-388-5517, City of Bend Arts, Beautification & Culture Commission’s (ABC Commission) fifth City Walls at City Hall art show, UNSEEN::WORLD, has been providing a clever and exciting way to inspire community through art. UNSEEN::WORLD can be seen during Bend City Hall business hours of 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday. The show closes March 29.

Bend d’Vine on Wall Street and The Wine Shop and Tasting Bar at 55 NW Minnesota featuring Powskichic of Bend, a/k/a Brenda Reid Irwin (also showing at Barrio on NW Minnesota).  541-550-7174,

Cowgirl Cash 924 Brooks St., 541-678-5162. Maya Moon, local artist who makes handmade leather bags and accessories.

Crow’s Feet Commons behind the Tower Theatre in Mirror Pond Plaza, a not-so-forgotten but recently rejuvenated part of “old town” Bend’s rich history. This area is now being revitalized by the action of the new businesses surrounding this beautiful space by creating inviting and fun community activities such as this one. David Jacobsen at 805-679-3370.

Desperado Contemporary & Nostalgic Western Store 330 SW Powerhouse, Old Mill District. 541-749-9980.  Barbara Slater’s paintings are an ongoing exhibit. Painting oils with energy and spirit, Slater’s pigmentation is rich and succulent, while her brushwork is bold and responsive. 

Hawthorn Healing Arts Center 39 Northwest Louisiana Ave., 541-330-0334. Featured artist Teresa Leigh Ander – DreamScape Painting Therapy.

John Paul Designs Custom Jewelry + Signature Series. 1006 NW Bond St. Specializing in unique, one of a kind wedding and engagement rings in a variety of metals.

Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery  The Old Mill District, Second Story Loft, 541-330-0840, Snapshots offers small works in fiber and paint, including abstract landscapes and dramatic views of the sky on view in December. The Lubbesmeyer twins will be working through the holiday season creating unique original art for the art collector in your life.

mapping | contemporary Old Mill between Greg’s Grill and Buckle at 307 Powerhouse Dr., Elizabeth Quinn, 541-419-9836. A unique presentation depicting a visual narrative of our region by artists working in a diversity of mediums. This gallery pop-up not only maps a narrative of place, but also sets coordinates for Central Oregon’s contemporary artistic language and aesthetic. Curated by Atelier 6000, Art in the High Desert and High Desert Journal artists include:
Beth Yoe, jewelry & photography, Bend; Pyper Hugos, jewelry, Bozeman; Nancy Dasen, ceramics & printmaking, Bend; Alan Brandt, photography, Bend; Jim Leisy, photography, Portland; Ingrid Lustig, painting, Bend; Rachel Fox, book arts, Bend; Brian O’Neill, ceramics, Bellingham; Pat Clark, printmaking, Bend; Julie Winter, printmaking, Bend; Fred Birchman, mixed media, Seattle; Pamela Kroll, mixed media, Bend; Mary Ellen MacFadden, painting, Portland; Bill Hoppe, painting, Bend; Ron Schultz, encaustic & printmaking, Bend; Amy Royce, painting & encaustic, Bend; Chris Cole, sculptures, Bend; Randy Smithey, painting & sculpture, Tumalo; Randy Redfield, painting, Sisters; Holly Rodes-Smithey, sculpture, Tumalo; Shawn Moore, encaustic, Whitefish; Justyn Livingston, painting, Bend; Sandy & Alex Anderson, ceramics, Bend; Ellen Gienger, textiles, Bend; Patty Freeman Martin, painting, Terrebonne; Galen Ruud, mixed media, Bend; Peter Meyer, ceramics, Bend; Mark Rodriquez, painting, Fresno; Yvette Neumann, painting, Bellingham; Lynn Rothan, painting & ceramics, Sisters; Terry Gloeckler, paintings, Bend; and Pam Kroll, mixed media, Bend.

Mary Medrano Gallery 25 NW Minnesota Avenue #12 (above Thump Coffee), 408-250-2732, Please stop by 6-9pm for Open Studio.

Mockingbird Gallery 869 NW Wall St., 541-388-2107, Showcasing new paintings by Eric Jacobsen, a plein air painter, his true inspiration is the amazing beauty that he sees in nature. The whole point of plein air painting is to capture the immediate effects of light while painting outdoors. He takes his oils wherever he goes, setting up on site and working until the painting is finished. “It is important that my paintings convey a certain mood. I find strong compositions in nature, and then I paint the scene accurately while leaving out any extraneous details.” Born and raised in New England, Jacobsen studied fine art at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, Connecticut where he received training in the Beaux Arts tradition of drawing and painting from life. He has lived in the Northwest since 1998, and his home is in Glenwood Valley, Washington. In addition to being a gifted painter, Jacobsen conducts painting workshops in the Northwest.    

Paul Scott Gallery 869 NW Wall Street, Suite 104, 541-330-6000, Just down the breezeway opposite the Boken restaurant. Jane Schmidt is a new gallery artist. Inspired by abstract expressionists, she uses the subject of landscape to explore the edge between abstraction and representation with an emphasis on the expressive use of color. The Paul Scott Gallery represents a group of classically-trained artists working in diverse styles ranging from realism to abstract.

Red Chair Gallery 103 NW Oregon Ave. in the historic O’Kane building, 541-306-3176, Flowing Medium – Cold to Hot features three artists. Janice Rhodes creates encaustics (heated beeswax, pigment and damar) and feels it is a medium that is a natural fit for an artist that enjoys experimentation and “happy accidents.” The challenge for Rhodes is finding resolution and achieving beauty to hang on your wall.  
Justin Kelchak is inspired by the nature and elements that surround us in making his metal works. Kelchak’s artwork creates a tranquil environment full of color, sound and movement.  From his small tabletop fountains or candle holders or a monumental sized water well, he takes great pride in every aspect of his creations from functionality to estethics. 
The Way We Art is a business made up of Tricia Biesmann and Cindy Summerfield.  Biesmann and Summerfield explore combining natural fabric with very soft merino wool. The fabrics are new, upscaled or from a friends closet, therefore increasing the unique outcome of their one of a kind, wearable art. 

Sage Custom Framing & Gallery Exhibits 834 NW Brooks St., 541-382-5884, Adventures in Change reflects a lifetime of expanding freedoms and embracing change by Bend artist Renne Brock. Thru January 26. It is a series that mirrors her pastimes in the garden, travels across the country and treasured relationships. 
“I thrive on change as I find it exciting, motivating and surprising.  Change provides a challenge to my thoughts and my values,” says Brock. With a willingness to trust an inner voice, Brock can respond to insights, question assumptions, break rules, take risks and resolve structural weakness.
“Because my art dances on the edge of abstraction, many viewers see images and objects that appear without my intention.  The viewer’s responses may trigger another idea and the creative cycle is reset to begin again.  Observations generate ideas.  Ideas require action and art becomes the medium to experience life with all its subtleties.”

Tumalo Art Company at Old Mill District, 450 SW Powerhouse Dr., #407, 541-385-9144, Tumalo Art Co. Now it’s your turn! December show, Little (Art) Delights, is being held over so that you can gift yourself with original artwork by your favorite local artists. Hand-blown glass, exotic turned wood, ceramics, mosaic, jewelry, photography, sculpture and very reasonably priced little paintings are the perfect way to add to or start your art collection.
Danae Bennett-Miller has introduced a rare sculpture edition of 75 —Flight of Life—a maquette of the recently installed public art in Sisters. A percentage of sales of the sculpture of a crane in flight, will to go to the art education of Sisters.

Townshend’s Bend Teahouse 835 NW Bond Street, Bend, 541-312-2001. Featuring Taylor Rose who was born in Dover, New Hampshire. Growing up in a small New England town she was immersed into nature and wildlife by exploring the woods, mountains and beaches nearby. Her imagination thrived in these surroundings and with an adoration for art at an early age she began to create characters and cartoons inspired by her childhood adventures.
This love and connection to art continued through to high school and then college where she received her BFA in illustration from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She specializes in pen and ink and watercolor and more recently, new wood burning techniques establishing a strong body of work including character and environmental design. Her work has developed a stylization of line and color palette that continue to grow and evolve. Today, Taylor resides in Bend and is working on the publication of her first children’s book titled The Most Beautiful Beard which she has written and illustrated.

Urban Beauty Bar 5 Northwest Minnesota Avenue. Featuring Joel Fischer, an Oregon photographer, displaying his collection of photos titled A Journey Through South East Asia. “I think art should be affordable, so I developed a progressive pricing system,” said Fischer. “Five percent of all profits go to benefit the people of Myanmar.”

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