Four Ways to Succeed as an Art Blogger

For many artists today, promoting their work means having a strong online presence. Although many people still enjoy visiting art galleries and shows, the chance of having your work displayed at one of these can often be slim, whilst displaying your art online gives others the chance to view all of your work from the comfort of their homes. Today, more and more artists are not only selling prints and original pieces from an e-commerce store, but are using an art blog to improve their online presence, connect with their target audience, and set themselves apart from the competition. If you’re serious about art and want to make a creative career for yourself, these top tips for successful art blogging may help.

Tip #1. Don’t Make It Personal:

One of the biggest mistakes that today’s artists make when setting up a blog is making it too personal. Instead, you should aim for a professional, portfolio-like blog that emphasizes your art rather than your personal life. Whilst one or two ‘day-in-the-life’ style blog posts are usually fine, it’s important to blog about your art, the processes that you use, or even art, in general, to ensure that you attract the right type of readers. Some art bloggers will also include information about their techniques or tips for other artists to attract a wider audience.

Tip #2. Treat It as a Business:

Secondly, those who want to make a living from art blogging need to ensure that they view it as a business, rather than a personal hobby. For the best results, this will mean setting working business hours for your blog and ensuring that you stick to them on a daily basis. When you are able to monetize your blog, giving yourself a ‘paycheck’ for each post, or on a regular basis, will create good habits and routines for the future.

Tip #3. Create Fresh, Interesting Content

Another tip to keep in mind when putting together posts for your art blog is to ensure that you are creating fresh and interesting content. Although it can be tempting to create a blog that simply follows current news in the art industry or creates content on popular topics that other bloggers are talking about, bear in mind that your blog will be far more popular if you can come up with fresh, interesting content that nobody else has covered. Of course, it’s fine to cover trending ideas, however, your focus should always be on coming up with your own unique ideas.

Tip #4. Point to Good Resources:

As an art blogger, your main goal is to become known as an expert in your field online. To do this, it’s not only important to share your own advice, but also link to reputable resources when you find them, whether it’s other art blogs, art websites, or even blogs such as, if you find a post that is relevant. Spend time researching and looking for further content that your readers may be interested in.

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