Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Begins

(Stained Glass by Becky Henson)

Artists are so inspired by nature and their surroundings, especially here in Central Oregon where nature’s unique beauty is part of our lives. Our two featured artists for April work with much different media but share their inspirations. 

Dottie Moniz is one of the original gallery artists and her work is considered multimedia. Dottie utilizes watercolors, acrylics, fabrics and textured papers to recreate iconic locations in Central Oregon. Clouds Over Mt. Bachelor is a paper collage and acrylic on canvas. “Paper collage is my favorite form of expression when creating my art. I always seem to come back to that medium. Mixing the collage with the vibrant shades of acrylic offers a variety of different effects that is a departure from watercolors.” 

Dottie’s fabric art landscapes are all one of a kind. The current piece is titled Spring has Sprung in the Cascades and the details are fantastic!

Stained glass art by Becky Henson is always unique. In one new piece, she bezel set a collection of natural Oregon Sunstone tumble polished gems which play with the light in beautiful unique ways. And who wouldn’t want to have actual precious gemstones hanging in their window?

Lately, Becky has been adding non stained-glass elements to her works. She has used items such as antique plates, horseshoes and drawer pulls. Becky’s unique Three Sisters windows are every popular, colorful and bring the outdoors in. • 541-593-4382 • find us on Facebook

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