Hawthorn Healing Arts Center First Friday Art Experience & Fundraiser

Photo by Kellie Chambers

Join Hawthorn Healing Arts Center for First Friday Art Walk, February 3, as they transform the center into an experiential exhibit. Abstract photography and accompanying soundscape combine as you are transported into the deep wilderness of Haida Gui off Canada’s central western coast.
There you’ll engage with sea, clouds, joy, love, pleasure, breaking free, gladness, opening up, a passage, loosening to exchange and permeate. Ancient shamans looked at a lake as an opening mouth of the earth. Through this mouth, one could communicate and learn. It is an entrance to the depths of the earth and an entrance to the depths of the soul. Through Dui/Lake the unconscious can be reached and influenced, so one can hear and speak its messages. You will NOT believe these photos are not photoshopped. They are simply captured from nature, a reflection of the deep spirit of this beautifully awakened place.

This is a fundraising effort for Kellie Chambers, LAc. Kellie has been invited to join the crew of SV Infinity, as they head to the Northwest Passage (Alaska to Greenland) on this summer’s Arctic Sailing Expedition. The art show reflects the photography that Kellie engages on similar trips, as the photos in this show are from her last sailing trip, along the Inside Passage, from Alaska to Washington, in 2014. These trips are costly, and none more than to the Arctic, so all donations and proceeds will be put to good use and greatly appreciated. Please join in support of Women, Sailing, Adventure and Art.
Doors open at 5pm. There will be a dance performance by local troupe, the Dance Devils, followed by two short presentations: the art by Elyse and the fundraiser by Kellie. There will be free wine, sake and snacks.

Hawthorn Healing Arts Center is committed to supporting holistic healing and wellness in the Central Oregon community. The Community Room provides a space for guest artists and healers to offer their expertise through classes, workshops and gatherings.

Hawthorn Healing Arts Center director Dr. Joshua Phillips

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