High Desert Community Theater Stages Wild West Spoof

(Cast of Buckshot & Blossoms | Photo courtesy of High Desert Community Theater)

The High Desert Community Theater presents Buckshot & Blossoms by Tim Kelly, produced by Pioneer Drama Service Inc. of Denver, Colorado.

Here’s a rip-roaring spoof of the Old West sure to delight audiences of all ages. This west is not only wild, it’s hysterically funny! Down at the Trail Dust Hotel, the villainous Whip of the Whip Lash Gang is concocting nasty schemes to rob citizens while his partner-in-crime, Pearl of Pecos, deals marked cards.  Meanwhile, the town has a new sheriff, our hero Johnny Wright, also known as “The Fastest Gun in the West.” Alas! The lovely Annabelle Rawlins, owner of the mine that Whip is trying to claim as his own, turns up with her campaign against guns inside town limits. She favors blossoms over bullets.

Your audience will be rolling in the aisles when The Durango Kid (the meanest gunslinger alive) and the Sheriff play High Noon in the hotel lobby… without a single shot being fired. You’ll find action, comedy and romance for entertainment that never stops.  Heck, there’s even a wedding, and someone in the audience catches the bouquet.

Performance dates are October 24-26 at 7pm and October 27 at 2pm. The performances will take place at the Madras Performing Arts Studio.



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