High Desert Museum & Museum at Warm Springs Receive Grant

(Photo courtesy of the High Desert Museum)

A collaborative project between the High Desert Museumand The Museum at Warm Springs has received a $110,662 Museums for America grant from the Institute of Museumand Library Services (IMLS) in support of Weaving Stories: Creating Stronger Institutional Partnerships to Enhance Culturally Relevant Visitor Experiences. The project will empower museum professionals at both institutions to expand their capacity to develop place-based exhibits, programsand practices that honor Indigenous perspectives, both pastand present.
Based on the successful National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Cosmic Serpentand Native Universe models, the Weaving Stories project will use multiday workshopsand intensive learning experiences to foster relationships across organizationsand advance staff expertise. These NSF-funded models explore the commonalities between western scienceand native knowledge.
The three-year project is divided into three phases built around intensive learning experiences. The cultural engagement phase (December 2017-December 2018) will center on a foundational four-day workshop that will advance understandings of land, placeand culture among stakeholders.
In addition to benefiting staff, volunteersand board members at the two institutions, the project will ultimately benefit museum visitorsand the Central Oregon community by increasing public awarenessand understanding of different culturesand worldviewsand sparking community dialogue.

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