High Desert Poetry Cell Reading at Dudley’s in Bend April 1

The High Desert Poetry Cell will be reading at Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe on Saturday, April 1, 7pm. Noting the April 1 date, this is NOT a joke. Well, not a very big one, anyway.

To all Latent Poetry Fans (and even those who think they HATE poetry):

Yes, Poetry CAN be hilarious! It can be outrageous! It can be heart-rending! It can even be mispelled! And it can make you sigh, or snicker, or harrumph.  But it does not HAVE to be boring, or indecipherable, or seemingly irrelevant!

Most importantly, it can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Who has not listened to ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ and NOT thought about the End of It All? Or, say, listened to great poems-set-to-music such as Your Cheatin’ Heart or Imagine or Hallelujah and not been changed… at least a teensy bit?

Well, now is your opportunity to CHANGE IT ALL! If you missed the High Desert Poetry Cell’s sell-out (according to Price-Waterhouse-Cooper) performance at the Bend Public Library two weeks ago, time is–as they say–on your side!

Who: The High Desert Poetry Cell: 5 Guys, Five Different Voices!
What: A ‘Back by Popular Demand’ Reading!
Where: Dudley’s Books in Downtown Bend: The Upper Room!
When: THIS Saturday, April 1: No Kidding! 7pm
Why: General Mayhem AND Sales of the HDPC’s latest collection “Braided River” (all proceeds to Family Kitchen).
(AND to kick-off National Poetry Month)
How Much Does It Cost?: The reading is totally FREE!

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