High Desert Poetry Cell Reading

(Photo: High Desert Poetry Cell in native habitat | by Sandra Kunz)

You are invited to a reading by the High Desert Poetry Cell at Bend’s Trinity Episcopal Church’s St Helen’s Hall, 231 NW Idaho Avenue at 2pm Sunday April 24.

The reading is free, but the High Desert Poetry Cell hopes you will choose to make a donation in support of Family Kitchen.  If you donate $15 or more, you will receive a free copy of our just published collection titled Braided River.

The High Desert Poetry Cell is group of five local men (Peter Lovering, Don Kunz, John Martin, John Kvapil, & Larry Jacobs) who have been writing poetry, publishing their work, and giving poetry readings since 2006.  We donate all proceeds from sales of our books and from readings to Bend-area non-profit organizations.  Readings and our first two books raised nearly $3000 for Central Oregon Veterans Outreach and Saving Grace of Central Oregon.   The launch of our third book at St. Helen’s Hall on April 24 will help support Family Kitchen which has been feeding the hungry in Bend for thirty years.

If you do not usually read poetry or attend poetry readings, no worries.  The members of the High Desert Poetry Cell write poems that are artful, understandable, and entertaining.  Some are even funny.

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