Your Horoscope: New Perspectives for 2017

ARIES ~ January brings completion which will inspire new beginnings by the end of the month. Decisions made in February will help you move forward and start fresh. Revisiting old issues in March will lead you to feeling good about yourself now especially if you give yourself credit for a lot of hard work. Focus on yourself and your needs in April and realize that some things cannot be changed by words. Take action and show yourself what is possible. Ask for something new in May and be ready to follow through quickly. Spend time with family and old friends in June and you will make a big difference in your life.  A playful July is refreshing but refrain from making too many big decisions at this time. Someone from your past may be just what you need to find the motivation to move forward in August. Hard work in September will be worth it in the long run. New opportunities in October may come out of an intense situation. Speak your truth in November if you want your relationships to be able to support you. Dream big in December and you could be amazed with what happens. Make a big wish at the end of the year and stay open to it really happening.

TAURUS~ Life begins to make sense in January and you could find peace in your heart. Ask for what you want in February and expect to see it happen. March invites you to be impulsive and do things that you have never done before. Enjoy the adventures that April has to offer and be grateful to those who help it happen. Take a chance in May and you will be very glad that you did. Spending time with family and good friends in June will be exactly what you need to help you feel nurtured. Let the people around you contribute to your happiness in July and realize how important you are to those around you. Organize something in your life in August and it will be easier to know what you need next. Challenges in September are only an indication that you need to restructure something in your life. Opportunities in October will help you integrate the new with the old. Stay open to new relationships at this time. November is all about the heart and who you really want to share yours with. Let yourself shine in December and realize happiness really is yours for the choosing. Feel confident with your choices about the upcoming New Year.

GEMINI~ Trust enough to step back until the end of January and let yourself regroup. February brings opportunities to be spontaneous and playful and it’s important to do so. March brings new beginnings which may be only the start of more new things to come. April is a time to for self-nurturing so be a little indulgent with yourself. Do things the easy way in May and realize many situations are changing right now. June brings more integration and you will be able to coordinate your world to get what you need. July is about completely enjoying yourself and realizing that happiness is what keeps you going. Words could be challenging in August so be sure to keep your heart open during all conversations. Stay organized in September in order to keep some sanity in your life during very busy days. October is all about your relationships and it’s the perfect time to express your gratitude. Emotions intensify in November and it will be obvious what changes need to be made. December could be the biggest month of the year as many situations reach a peak. Have faith in what’s happening and realize this is exactly what you have been asking for.

CANCER~ Cooperation is available in January for you to move into a new direction. Follow the guidance of your heart in February even if your head disagrees. New beginnings are plentiful in March and it is important to let go of the past. Life keeps you moving quickly in April and it will be necessary to make choices. Take everything one step at a time in May as you are taking your life to an entirely new level. Spend time thinking about what you really want next in June so that you will be clear in the near future. You will only be able to do what feels right in July as you move into the next part of your life. A bit of organization in August will help you feel better about recent changes. Ask for definition in September in order to help you make decisions about the near future. Opportunities in October will ask for you to let go of the past so that you can move on. Relationships are full of change in November and it will be important to have faith in what is taking place. December may be busier than you feel comfortable with but it will turn out to be exactly what you needed. Listen when the people around you say how amazing they think you are.

LEO~ Listen to your intuition in January as it guides you to completion. New beginnings in February will turn out to be bigger than they appear initially. Recognition in March will be well deserved so notice what is being acknowledged.  Be patient in April as things are changing all around you. Enjoy yourself completely in May as you adjust to your new situation. Emotions could feel challenging in June, especially if you take other people’s attitudes personally.  A slower moving July will give you time to catch up and regroup. Let go of needing to explain yourself in August and simply go about your own business. Speak clearly in September if you expect those around you to understand what you need to say. Opportunities in October may feel intense and initially uncomfortable. By November you will realize that you have the support that you have been waiting for. December is a time for celebration and possibly travel. Let go of your worries as the year ends and move forward with optimism.

VIRGO~ Hold off on making big decisions until the middle of January. February asks you to make a choice about upcoming new beginnings. Completion comes in March and steps will be taken that move you in new directions. A busy April asks for you to be flexible with the details during significant changes. May could feel like a game of musical chairs as the people around you are shifting positions. Appreciate the cooperation in June and be willing to delegate to those around you. Nurture yourself during July and remind yourself that this is a necessary part of your life. Only offer your opinion when asked in August and stay in the background if you can. Be willing to follow through on your promises in September so people know they can depend on you. Opportunities in October are huge and could change things significantly. Have faith in your relationships during November and let it show in your actions. December may bring more activity than you are prepared for. Stay active as the year ends so you can see how capable you really are.

LIBRA~ Listen to your intuition in January especially if it encourages you to step back from something. Challenge yourself in February to keep your attention on your own needs. Continue to focus on yourself in March in order to move forward. Changes in April may encourage you go a new direction, consider it carefully. New beginnings in May will ask for you to do something completely different. Give your home front attention in June and enjoy creating changes there. Do something you really Love in July and know that you deserve it. Be proud of yourself in August when other people recognize your accomplishments. Patience is required when making a plan in September in regards to future work opportunities. Opportunities show themselves in October and you will want to be ready to let go and move on. November brings integration in relationships and new people will be coming into your life. Expansion is available in December so get ready to live a bigger life. Remind yourself that you have been asking for what is happening now.

SCORPIO~ Cooperation is available in January so let other people know what you need. Completion and new beginnings are available in February if you are willing to make the decision. More new experiences are surfacing in March so stay open to what presents itself. Try something new and fun in April and make a point to lighten up. Let go of trying to control other people in May and realize you can only control your own life. Enjoy the company of good friends and family in June and remember how important these people are to you. Visiting your past in July will give you what you need to move forward later. Make a plan in August and be patient with others if they seem to want something different. Situations make more sense in September and it will be easier to know what to do next. Opportunities in October will give you a glimpse of what is possible, have faith in what you see. November is your chance to speak up and talk about what you want to do next. An enthusiastic approach in December will be helpful if you want others to get involved.  Realize how your attitude can make all of the difference in your outcome.

SAGITTARIUS~ Mind your own business in January while completion is happening all around you. Be an inspiration in February for those near you who are going through change. New beginnings in March help you feel refreshed and invigorated.  Go out on a limb in April and do something that is a stretch for you.  Keep it simple in May and be patient with the people in your life. Drop back and take time to regroup in June making sure you have what you need. A leap of faith in July will turn out better than you might have imagined. August is a time for celebration and for sharing your joy with those around you. Hard work is required in September and details will be very important. October introduces you to new relationships that will open doors in the future. Enjoy the company of as many people as possible in November and realize how many opportunities are available. December is a time for taking action and realizing the New Year will be asking for big decisions. Be honest with yourself and the decisions will come easily.

CAPRICORN~ Completion will be obvious in January and decisions will be required. Communicate your needs in February in order to turn a corner and start fresh. March may push you to look into new situations and it will be wise to explore your options. April is a turning point and you will realize there is no turning back. Changes in May will introduce you to a new way of life, stay open to what crosses your path. Look back at your life in June and give yourself credit for how far you have come. Action taken in July could be emotional but you will know it’s the right thing to do. Back track a little in August to be sure you have everything you need to go forward. Be a leader in September as you notice those around you could be lacking direction. October provides an opportunity to integrate with people in your life that you have not seen in a while. Relationships want your attention in November and it will be important to be patient. Move forward with confidence in December and remind yourself that you can do what you have only dreamt about. Have faith that your dreams really can come true.

AQUARIUS~ Brand new endeavors that begin in January could be financially lucrative. February will continue to show you what is possible when you are willing to take a chance. March brings new beginnings that are simple and feel easy. A very active April is filled with experiences that are invigorating. Make yourself the most important in May and take care of whatever it is that you need. Slow it down in June and realize rest time is what is most important right now. July finds you busy again and it will be important that you feel like you are doing what you want. August puts you in the public eye so stay mindful about your actions. September asks for you to be organized about what you want to do next.  Relationships become very important in October and you will understand how important it is to let go of the past. Show the world your best side in November and the world will come back and reward you. December will bring a reason to celebrate and you will feel like doing lots of it. Realize the past is clearly behind you and you are very ready to move on.

PISCES~ Focus on yourself completely in January and realize you could benefit from doing this more often. February is a time of decisions and completion and it will be important to feel confident about your choices. New beginnings start to show themselves in March and it could be what you need to keep going. Take your time in April and be honest with yourself about what you can do. Pick and choose what you get involved with in May being mindful of only choosing what works for you. Integration with family and friends in June is exactly what you have been needing. Continue being around those you Love in July and you will find yourself rejuvenated. Let others take the lead in August and simply take care of the basics. Slow way down in September and let yourself catch up on many levels. October brings solutions that you have been waiting a long time for, appreciate them when they happen. Be open to the assistance of others in November and realize they enjoy helping you. The busy world around you will keep you going in December and you can see the new structure in the future. Trust enough to let go and let magic happen in your life.

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