Hot Spot in Pompeii

2nd Street Theatre announces the world premiere performance of Hot Spot in Pompeii by Suzan Noyes, local playwright, directed by Denice Hughes Lewis opening May 8.

Pompeii, 79A.D. WANTED: hot property near Mt. Vesuvius. An olive oil merger kick-starts with an arranged marriage between the Nobilius and Maxima families. Reluctant groom Harmonius and self-centered daughter Beautissima have other ideas. Sizzling family secrets and explosive Italian tempers blow Mt. Vesuvius sky high.

“It’s a thrill to be directing the premier of a great send-up to Pythonesque comedy while working with an innovative producer/writer/artist,” says Hughes Lewis.

This zany comedy runs May 8– 23 (Thursday, Friday & Saturdays at 7:30pm), with two Sunday Matinees May 10 and 17, 3pm at 2nd Street Theater, 220 Lafayette Avenue, Bend.

$19 Adults, $16 Students and Seniors  (Offering special group rates – contact Suzan Noyes.)

Harmonius Profunda Nobilius — marriageable son of family Nobilius, a soulful, clueless balladeer of twenty-three.
Rubella Profunda Nobilius — his whiny, suspicious mother of forty-something.
Gravitas Profunda Nobilius — his egocentric father of fifty-five who wants Harmonius married and in the family business.
Beautissima Robustus Maxima — Harmonius’s selfish and savvy fiancé, twenty-seven year old daughter of the Maximas. Attracted to someone else.
Mygrania Robustus Maxima — Beautissima’s forty-ish negative and calculating mother.
Cecilius Robustus Maxima — her henpecked and furtive father, an oil merchant of fifty, and new partner of Gravitas Nobilius.
Delicata — a twenty-one year-old orphan and civil rights activist in love with Harmonius.
Vitalus Provolone — a conniving Mafioso smuggler of forty who pursues Beautissima and respectability.
Plodicus — Provolone’s mute and loyal slave of twenty-five, dumbfounded oracle of the Roman god Vulcanus.
Fussitatus — the Nobilius’s foxy cousin and designer/decorator of twenty-six. Remodeling the Maxima’s villa for the new couple-to-be.

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