I Love You by The Neighbourhood

neighborhoodThe Neighbourhood’s release of I Love You in April 2013 didn’t cause a typhoon or even a wave in the music industry. Rather, back in December their song Sweater Weather reached number 17 on the Hot 100 Billboard.

I Love You was the band’s debut album, with top tracks like Sweater Weather and Afraid. The song Sweater Weather is my personal favorite song because of its catchy lyrics and consistent drumbeat. With near rap lyrics it gives me a personal reminder that I could never become famous, but also gives any listener a happy go lucky feeling.

Another one of my favorite songs on the album is Female Robbery, but the name doesn’t give it any credit. In the opening of the song, The Neighbourhood uses a siren, but they make it work so incredibly well. The siren does scare me every time I listen to it, but doesn’t seem out of place the more times I hit play.

The set of songs on I Love You each include a unique rat-a-tat beat that is sure to get you clapping or tapping your foot. All the songs on their CD keep me wanting more and more. The album is full of memorable lyrics, as well as beats that play in my head all day long.

So I encourage you to buy or download the album and start falling in love with The Neighbourhood just like I have.

By Ally Hand

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