I’ve Got The Music In Me!

(Photo by Veronica J. Bahns Photography & Design)

Cascade School of Music’s 1000 Person Challenge

Cascade School of Music (CSM) is launching its biggest fundraising campaign to date that will support its new building, phase II acoustic insulation and retrofit as well as its operating expenses. This important campaign, called I’ve Got the Music in Me, runs July 8-September 31 and invites all Central Oregonians who share a passion for and dedication to music in all its varied guises to contribute to its success. The design of the campaign challenges 1000 people / businesses to donate $100 each in an effort to help CSM raise the $100,000 needed to continue serving all of Central Oregon with premier music education, outreach performance ensembles, and master classes on most any instrument. Upon making that very generous donation, CSM encourages donors to send their photo to the school so it may be added to the Campaign Success Wall for all to appreciate.

A local, community-centric nonprofit, Cascade School of Music has been serving Central Oregon’s music needs since 2002 and is dedicated to providing music education for all, regardless of one’s economic status. In fact, CSM serves over 650 students with more than 1/3 of them on some form of tuition assistance. As Executive Director Robert Lambeth explains, “As our community continues to grow, so does the need for quality music education for our toddlers, our youth, and our adults. Our superb faculty and staff are quite passionate about the positive impact of music, and we remain deeply grateful for all the support from our community.” What better way to assert your reciprocal support for this essential organization than by making a donation today!

To make your $100 donation, please visit CSM’s website at ccschoolofmusic.org, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the “please consider donating today” link. Your generous support helps secure the future of music education and outreach in Central Oregon. As CSM Board President Judy Heck rightly explains, “The role of music study and engagement has proven to be a critical step on the path to fulfilling human potential. It is a key factor in multiple aspects of optimal academic, social, and cognitive performance.” By participating in CSM’s 1000 Person Challenge and exclaiming “I’ve got the music in me!” you will play a vital role in advancing the development of human potential here in Central Oregon and, thus, the betterment of all our lives.

Much gratitude to you all on behalf of the Cascade School of Music’s staff, faculty and students.


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