Jason Waldron – Creating Intricate Art Pieces With Wood



Creating art is Jason Waldron’s passion, but creating unique art pieces with wood is his specialty. Waldron has over 12 years of experience as a professional sculptor. His work has been shown all over Bend and all of the wood he uses for his creations is local.
To create a beautiful wood sculpture, Waldron starts the process by establishing an initial sketch for clearer understanding for himself, or a client. Each design is based on his own inspiration, usually sparked by the wood’s innate character or discovering who the client is and what inspires them.

In the primary stage of creation, his focus is on the basic elements of sculpture such as form, silhouette, proportion, movement, composition, emphasis and so on. From there Waldron starts the secondary stage which focuses on placement of features, adding texture and refining some of the forms.

The final stage of sculpting perfects tiny details with small power tools. The finished piece usually has some differences from the original sketch but Waldron states, “The beauty of this process is that I’m not exactly sure what the end sculpture will look like until it’s finished.”

One of the best aspects of creating sculpture, he says, is working with his hands. Waldron adds, “Wood, especially high desert wood, is my favorite medium to use because of its organic nature and seemingly endless character which is continually inspiring and unpredictable.”

If Waldron is using wood or ice he will use chisels, chainsaws, angle grinders, die grinders, dremels,and also drills. If he’s working with metal he will use a torch, welder, grinders and various shaping tools. If working with clay he uses various modeling tools.
Waldron’s most recognized sculpture is called Boundless. It is a wall hanging assemblage/carved sculpture of an eagle in flight with a wingspan of almost 10 feet. It is constructed from foraged, weathered pieces of Central Oregon High Desert wood; such as Manzanita for the base and compliments of Juniper, Sage and Pine filling out the rest.

While creating Boundless, Waldron was struggling within himself and life regarding his perceived limitations, a fortress of deception imprisoning his soul. “In this creative process of discovering God’s true word, He shattered the walls of false identity, insecurity, independence, control, etc., giving me the realization that alone I am bound and enslaved, yet when united with Jesus through faith I am free and boundless!”

The main creative expression behind Waldron’s work is God. He declares that, “Through life, creating sculpture and His word, God reveals his and my true identity by process of discovery and transformation.” It is Waldron’s hope that the passion for understanding and living in God is shown through his life and specifically his art in ways that inspire others.,

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