Last month I attended the launching of the Cultural Advocacy Partnership (CAP), Colors of Innovation 2. The collaboration has been spearheaded by the folks at Arts Central with the vision of making Central Oregon a cultural destination with a strong creative economy.

As I mingled among representatives of the respective collaborators supporters, it was apparent the level of passion these folks have for their programs. As we have very little funding for the arts from our local governments the recent years have resulted in a tightening of collective purse strings, the time has come to combine these passions to further arts education the elevation of cultural activities; this can only mean a stronger community.

I think Cascade A&E will have an important role to play as this group moves towards its goals. As the only arts magazine in Oregon, we have a unique platform with which to promote many of the initiatives of the CAP. For 16 years A&E has been promoting local cultural opportunities I look forward to continuing our contribution to the empowerment of our creative economy.

The Cultural Advocacy Partnership is looking to grow; if your organization is interested in becoming a part of the conversation, contact John Negrau with Arts Central at 541-633-7242.

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