Kaia Kochersberger Announced as Cascade School of Music’s Rising Star Award Winner for February

(Photo above: Carly Moritz, Kaia Kochersberger and Krista Aasland | courtesy of Cascade School of Music)

Cascade School of Music announced that ten-year-old flute student, Kaia Kochersberger, was awarded the Rising Star Award for February. Kaia is a student of Krista Aasland, and the daughter of Abigail and John Kochersberger of Bend.

The Rising Star Award recognizes students in year one or two of private instruction who exhibit talent, effort and achievement. The students who receive this award have been nominated by their teachers as showing both great promise as musicians along with great perseverance and commitment to their craft.

Abigail, Kaia ’s mother, states “Kaia brings an undeniable focus and diligence to all that she commits herself to, whether that be music, academics or her creative endeavors. She is often found sculpting intricate clay creations, exploring the wonders of nature or absorbed in a good book. Kaia has competed on the local swim team for several years, is a committed caretaker of foster animals, and finds true delight in her music, whether that is playing piano and flute, singing in the choir or strumming on the ukulele. Beyond any activity, hobby or talent, however, we love that she is compassionate, contentious, attentive and walks through life with a heart full of love and gratitude.”

Krista Aasland states, “Kaia advanced on the flute faster than any student I’ve ever had. At ten years old and one year of flute study, she is more advanced than many high school students.”

Along with an award certificate, Kaia received a $50 scholarship toward her private lessons and goody bags from award sponsors Cascade Indoor Sports, Cuppa Yo and Cascade School of Music. Kaia and subsequent monthly Rising Star Award winners are the only students eligible to win the grand prize $500 scholarship to continue their music studies at Cascade School of Music, which will be announced at Crescendo Bendo to be held at the Tower Theatre on June 2, 2018.


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