Lillian Pitt

Kindred Spirits: The Artistic Journey of Lillian Pitt

Exhibit June 23 to September 10 at The Museum At Warm Springs

“I think about the meaning of the words “kindred spirits’ then come up with many meanings,” explains Lillian Pitt. “After 34 years of making a living with my work I remember many people, objects, nature, my ancestors and their markings on the rocks in my ancient homeland. I have learned about the flexibility and endurance of my River People who thrive to this day and still have the basket making, bead working, carving, fishing equipment making, all the many skills it takes to continue the culture that has been here for thousands of years.

“I feel humbled and blessed to have been given some skills to help continue the teaching with the blessing of my elders to continue my work and my passion with all of what they knew. So many have shared their knowledge knowing I would make something of what was said and had faith in me even if I never believed I could do half of what was told.  They knew they were kindred spirits as they saw something in me I did know I had.”


Pitt is a Native American artist from the Columbia River region of the Pacific Northwest. Born on the Warm Springs reservation, she is Warm Springs, Wasco and Yakama. Lillian is deeply committed to the arts and the heritage of Warm Springs. A little over thirty years ago, when she first placed her hands in the clay and brought it to life as viable, exquisite piece of art, she has since grown and evolved into a collectible and respected artist.


Lillian creates contemporary works of fine art that delight today’s collectors and honor the history and legends of her people. She works with clay, bronze, gold and silver jewelry, wearable art, prints, paper and most recently, glass.

She is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2007 Earle E. Chiles award for lifetime achievement, the 1990 Governor’s Award of the Oregon Arts and the Twanat Award from the Museum at Warm Springs in 2012. Lillian is a noted philanthropist, giving back to her community throughout her career. She has donated art to charitable causes and community improvement projects across the Pacific Northwest.

Opening Reception

Museum at Warm Springs

Thursday, June 23



Exhibit Sponsored by:

Penelope Knight

The Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund


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