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LAVA LOVE-Detoxing Treatment at Anjou Spa

lavalove_logoImagine a Saturday morning, the weather is nice enough to do a little gardening. You turn the faucet on outside, go mow the lawn and when you come back both of the master suites are flooded in your downstairs. In a half an hour you have an appointment at Anjou Spa for a Lava Love Detox Scrub + Wrap.

Should you mop up the water, call the plumber, call the restoration company…or go to the spa? I made the right decision when I decided to jump in the car, make the phone calls and get to my appointment on time.

The Lava Love treatment is by far one of the most fabulous health and wellness procedures I have had in our little town of Bend.

Lava Love combines three ingredients, bentonite, zeolite and pumice – all originating from Central Oregon lava – to create a finely-ground pumice Volcano soap, a facial mask that draws out impurities providing relief for sore joints and a detoxifying bath powder that cleanses gently.

The fine volcanic pumice acts as an exfoliator that removes dead skin cells gently during the scrub. Using the absorbent and detoxifying characteristics they pull out toxins from your skin by binding to pollutants and heavy metals during the wrap.

The hour long treatment was the perfect ray of sunshine in the storm waiting for me at home. The Vichy shower that concludes the treatment had me laughing about all the water rushing through my day.

I already use Lava Love products in my shower nearly every day so I understood the benefits of the locally made all natural product. And the detox was so powerful and infusing… from the foot and head rub to the exfoliation,
I felt incredibly fabulous.

Lava Love was created by Portland-based Founder and Owner Elisabeth Dunham. She has integrated these three volcanic elements into a range of products including soap, facial masks and bath powders. Her partner, Attorney Jennifer Clifton of Bend, turned me onto the detox treatment at Anjou.

Lava Love, which will unveil a lovely new design next month, can be found in Central Oregon at Newport Market, CE Lovejoys, Namaspa and Mother’s Juice Bar as part of their sensational juice cleanse packages.

Anjou Spa
225 NW Franklin Ave., Suite 3, Bend

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