Let’s Talk About Stroke!

(Photo | Courtesy of Stroke Awareness Oregon)

Stroke Awareness Oregon

The sad passing of Luke Perry due to a massive stroke raises the question of, “Why so young?” Stroke occurs in one and six people and in the Hispanic population one in four males and one in three females.  Stroke is not only a disease of the elderly but can and does strike anyone, any age, any gender and any nationality. Thirty seven percent of strokes hit people younger than 60 years old.   It is the number five cause of death in Oregon and the leading cause of disability in the world.

Stroke Awareness Oregon, in its ongoing mission to education people about F.A.S.T, to increase awareness about the causes of stroke and to support the recovery of stroke survivors and their families, is bringing Dr. Diane Barnes to the Tower Theatre on April 30, 2019.  As a diagnostic radiologist practicing in the San Francisco area, Dr. Barnes was well aware that the average person loses 1.9 million brain cells per minute that a stroke goes untreated.  She knew she had the worst headache of her life yet waited 20 hours to seek medical attention.

On April 30, Diane will present her award winning, one-woman play, My Stroke of Luck as a fundraiser for Stroke Awareness Oregon. The stroke left Dr. Barnes seriously debilitated and unable to walk, talk or feed herself.  After a difficult recovery, this amazing woman had to redefine her identity and her life.  A single mother of two special need sons, she proceeded to learn script writing and acting.   This is a funny and poignant look at love, family, grit and victory overcoming tragedy.  While the story is about stroke, the message is about facing and overcoming daunting challenges.

Tickets are available at towertheatre.org/tickets.  A silent auction will proceed the play in the Theatre Foyer.


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