Local Author Unveils New Book

Central Oregonian Don Senecal has published a book that was specifically created to benefit those with physical disabilities and challenges such as age, weight and health-related challenges such as balance control, tremors, difficulty in moving, amputations and general restrictions of performing “normal” exercises one would encounter in a structured gym or training regimen.

Exercising Between the Sheets contains some honest and sometimes humorous exposures to shared challenges. It is meant for people who, for economic or personal reasons, prefer not to engage personal trainers, join health clubs or gyms or invest in spandex-composed exercise clothing.

What you do is private and entirely under your personal control at all times.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, Senecal grew up a country boy but eventually wound up receiving a masters degree in communicative arts from the University of Portland.

For twenty years he worked as a recreation professional in Vancouver and Tacoma, Washington. His emphasis has always been on well-being and enjoyment of life. Through coordinating senior citizen classes and activities of art, dance, movement and self-defense classes, every attempt has been to improve the life experience.

Now semi-retired, Don and his wife, Corky, now live, work and play in beautifulBend, Oregon, where golf, hiking, camping and fishing beckon.


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