Local Foster Adoption Nonprofit is Launching its Very First Children’s Art Auction

(Hero by Shirley Kay | Photo courtesy of A Family For Every Child)

A Family For Every Child’s Online Art Auction will feature art from local foster and non-foster children and their families.

As a result of necessary social-distancing measures from the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of A Family For Every Child’s community engagement and fundraising events have been altered to fit a virtual world or postponed altogether. To bring a new, positive sense of creativity to the community during these challenging circumstances, A Family For Every Child is launching its first ever Kids Art Auction on July 14.

This event will be held online and remain live for at least one week. A Family For Every Child is encouraging local children and their families to create art that will be auctioned off in this virtual event. Two local artists, Shirley K. Hull and Annie Jamrose, have created original pieces that families can use for inspiration, and that will also be included in the auction. The themes for the art are Family and Hero. Participants can choose from either of these themes and original pieces to either recreate or draw inspiration from, using any items they already have in their house.

This virtual fundraiser is intended to help A Family For Every Child’s programs that have been affected by COVID-19, and to spark some creativity in the local community during this time.

The art pieces will be listed on A Family for Every Child’s website, and sold on the online bidding site 32auctions.com, where the public can bid, win and buy the children’s pieces, with the proceeds going to A Family for Every Child’s 13 different programs, all with the goal of helping foster children find their forever homes.

There are still slots left to submit your artwork to this event. Please reach out to Alex at 541-343-2856 or email him at alex@afamilyforeverychild.org for more information on how you can help. If you and your family don’t want to contribute art, but still want to help, you can also donate to A Family for Every Child’s Art Auction Campaign.


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